Without a proper muscle workout plan, training may seem like guesswork. While the goal is clear, getting to it can be a hurdle without the knowledge of the right set of exercises. So, instead of wasting time flying blind, try the following exercises to help you transform your body and pack-on muscles just as you want it. Back Muscles Experts recommend wide-grip pull down for width and prone dumbbell row for thickness. There are two critical kinds of pulling exercises you should target if you want to build your back muscles: vertical and horizontal. While horizontal exercises bring together all rowing variations, vertical workout includes pull-down and pull-ups. The dumbbell row mainly focuses on your traps, lats, and rhomboids to increase your back thickness. Vertical pulling includes lats, which aids in enhancing the width of your back muscles. Quads The best exercise for quads is front squat. Placing the bar right across the front of your shoulders forces your torso to maintain an upright posture. This hits the quads more efficiently than doing the back squat. If your wrist flexibility is wanting, use the cross-arm grip instead of a clean grip as handles.  Hamstrings The Romanian deadlift is the go-to exercise for hamstrings workouts. This is a functional exercise to include in your muscle workout plan, as it burns calories and contributes to weight loss. When doing this, keep your knees slightly bent and your hips in backward position making them cause hinge. You can try, Romanian deadlifts anywhere, be it a court, field, or any combat sports athlete ground. This is because the movements of this exercise match the patterns involved in jumping, sprinting, and rotating. Calf Raise The all-time favorite exercise of athletes is calf raise. Calves packs soleus and gastrocnemius muscles. While the Soleus muscles are exercised during seated calf raises, the gastrocnemius muscles get worked during standing calf raises. Straight-knee and bent knee positions are the best for calf development. Also, running and walking make calves tight. Therefore, you should avoid bouncing out-of-the-bottom of your reps during either exercise. Try holding the bottom of your reps to include stretching in your workout regime as well as to enhance the muscle growth. Glutes Glutes are the most powerful muscles which mostly end-up being neglected. The barbell hip thrust is the best workout to maximize gluteal muscle. This exercise will strengthen your backside and will make your butt fuller and rounder. Use weights that you can push through anywhere and do at least 8 to 15 reps. To start, perform the movement on the floor and then move to the bench for a raised platform advantage. These are some of the body muscles and their respective workouts. Start your muscle workout plan with a goal in mind, look at the muscles involved, and pick the right exercises for them.  
It can be so frustrating when you are exercising regularly and yet you can’t see any results from your efforts. Being consistent in the gym, spending time with a personal trainer, and the resulting financial commitment can be so draining if you end up struggling to build muscle. Before you give up on yourself, try auditing your routine with the help of experts and see what it is you could be doing wrong. While the following may not necessarily represent you, they could be some of the reasons you are getting it wrong. Suboptimal Reps In strength training, there are standard three sets each having 10 to 12 reps per exercise. Many athletes use this as the gold standard. The problem with such a mindset and approach is that it may hold you back as you begin to build muscle. Ideally, your personal training should incorporate both lower rep ranges using heavier weights and higher rep ranges with lighter weights. When you vary the reps in this manner, you keep your body on its toes, and this optimizes muscular development. Undercutting Carbs or Calories If you want to build muscle, you cannot bank on protein intake alone. Without sufficient carbohydrate intake, you will struggle fueling your workouts, and your body will lack an essential ingredient that rebuilds muscle tissue. Instead, have a proportionate intake of proteins and calories including carbs. If you have a dietician nutritionist, they may help you plan and put together a diet that fits your specific needs. Monotonous Workouts When you establish a routine, there is the danger of hitting a plateau. Without variety in your routine, it is impossible to stimulate or trigger muscle growth. The best approach is to bring in different loads, angles, and exercises. The body system welcomes surprises and responds in different ways thereby awakening the mechanisms responsible for helping you build muscle. Regulate Your Cardiovascular Exercises In every exercise routine, cardio workouts form a crucial component because they get your heart rate up. However, overdoing these exercises can burn muscle tissue and offset your goal to build muscle. The best way around this is to cut back your cardio workouts to about two days a week to create room for your muscle to grow. Logically, this may seem counterintuitive, but in the process, it can speed up your results. Not Taking on Heavier Weights To build muscle your body must undergo a biological shift and to trigger this, you need enough stimulus. One such stimulus is the addition of intensity to your training. The real key to success lies in challenging and pushing yourself. Personal trainers recommend that you lift weights you can handle for about 6 in 8 reps and for the remaining two reps, go for challenging weights. Minimize your resting period between sets and put your body to task. All through your workouts, strive to maintain the mind-body connection. Muscles are not fired only through the weights you take up, but also mentally. As you lift your weights, bring in your mental input to the area of the body you are exercising. Incorporating activities such as yoga into your routine can bring lots of benefits.
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