Best CrossFit Products by Bear Grips

CrossFit is a training philosophy comprising high intensity and constantly varied functional movements. It brings together and coaches people from diverse backgrounds, of all sizes and shapes with the sole aim of enhancing their physical wellbeing as well as cardiovascular fitness.

The training environment is one that can best be described as hardcore yet very encouraging.

According to the official site, this training philosophy delivers a fitness that is broad, inclusive, and general. Unlike other sports, there is no specialization instead it prepares you to correctly and competently execute many other sports.


The sport is designed for universal scalability and thus making it a perfect choice for any person who is committed irrespective of their experience. Each day, there is a workout that is prescribed for everyone. Instead of having lots of workouts targeted at different people, CrossFit has only one workout everyday known as WOD, an acronym for the workout of the day.

The workout is scalable and based on your skill, you can load to a particular level. For instance, if the workout requires squatting with a load measuring 135 pounds, you can decide, based on your fitness, to start with 45 pounds. You can reduce the reps and increase them as you get stronger and more experienced. Ideally, the workouts are for every person.

For instance, beginners in weight training will find a great sporting philosophy where they learn to execute all the critical lifts in a non-judgmental and super supportive environment. On the other hand, people looking for community and support find the environment an excellent one thanks to its tightly knit community experience. Former athletes looking to build teamwork and push-up their fitness needle will also find an interesting sport that reaches out to where they are and picks them up gradually.


Each gym believes in learning new techniques, movements, and attitudes. Virtually, every gym in the world will allow you to come in and try a class or two for free so as to get the experience and structure.

Introduction Class

This is basically for people who have never attempted a class before. Here, you get a quick overview of which you go through basic bodyweight movements and then discuss if interested in joining. These classes are normally free.


When you express interest in joining, you will be expected to go through what is known as the elements or on-ramp course. The main reason behind this is for you to learn the foundational movements and emphasize on proper form. Irrespective of your experience, on-ramp classes are so valuable and worth every single minute of your time. You may think that you have a proper form on your deadlift, overhead presses, and squats only to realize that you need another set of eyes to see some of your weaknesses.

Regular Classes

When you hear of a class, there are best chances that this is what is being referred to. Regular classes last for about 45 minutes, but there are others which stretch to an hour. All people start at the same time and instructors walk around to ensure you keep on track and get the support you need. These classes are always split into warm-ups, strength or skill work, WOD, and a cool down and stretching session.

The warm-up may consist of push-ups, squats, jump rope, and jumping jerks. The warm-up for any particular day includes functional movements, mobility work, and stretches that complement the movements you will, later on, take up in the day.

The strength work consists of pure strength movements such as deadlifts or squats. In the event it is not a strength day, you may work on a skill such as muscle ups or one-legged squats and try to improve it. For the workout of the day, you will be expected to do a certain number of reps of different exercises as fast as you can within time limits.


There are certain movements you will learn in either for the first time or in case you were doing them in another sport, you will learn something extra about them. Some of these common movements include:

The Box Jump

To perform a box jump, jumping is considered to be one of the purest forms of explosiveness. In the box jump, you will start from the ground and then jump onto a box of a certain prescribed height. As a beginner, you will start with a lower height box and then build your way up as you become experienced. This movement uses your quads, glutes, calves, and hamstrings.

The Clean

This is a form of a lift which builds your full body power and puts your ability to move quickly to test. The clean uses your hip hinge and ensures your posterior chain is activated. The muscles used in the clean include quads, calves, traps, core, hamstring, and shoulders.

The Back Squat

This is a foundational movement for any strength program. It is usually done with a barbell put across the trapezius muscles while your feet are a little wider than your shoulder width. The feet should be turned out slightly. This fires your quads, glutes, hamstrings, and core.

Other movements include the front squat, the snatch, split jerk, pull-up, muscle-up, and handstand push-up among many others.


CrossFit has over 13,000 affiliates globally and this number keeps on growing each and every day. The affiliation is internet-based and consists of grassroots movements begun by those who had a passion to see local equipped gyms, communities, and trainers. For you to affiliate, you first complete an application where you give your information in an essay. The second step involves giving the location of your affiliate and if you are in the UK or US, you will be expected to submit proof of insurance. After that, you make a payment and then you will be given a license agreement to assign and then you are in!

CrossFit games have become a global sensation and each and every time athletes meet to find who is the fittest on earth. The games are broken into three stages: open, regional, and then the ultimate Reebok CrossFit games. Classes are fun and everybody is invited, so go visit your local affiliate today and grab some Bear Grips gear to start your first workout.