Podcast Guest Info

Everyone Has a Story Worth Listening To!

Bear Grips has a strong community of fitness enthusiasts that are hungry for knowledge & like to be entertained by stories –
Stories that can impact the listeners tend to have the biggest influence; these categories are what engage our listeners:
Motivation * Success* Journey* Training Secrets*
Nutrition*Entertainment*Humor*Knowledge*Actionable Advice
We want to avoid turning this into an infomercial or product pitch Be genuine, be yourself, & have fun!


The podcast has a video & audio element to it.
It is air live at time of interview, the recording is then edited and engineered for production release.
We ask guest to be prepared, you can talk with host prior to going live to make sure we are on same page.
Ask you are set in a quiet place, with a good audio mic, and webcam or camera. If needed with enough notice we can send guest a mic if needed.
Interview time is about 30 minutes, the final production will be about 15-20 minutes.
Format is a back and forth with podcast host – toward end will be a lighting round of questions that are meant to be fun, with short quick answers, and lastly you may plug your product / or service and any promo code you would like to give the audience.
Please be sure to book your time on calendar, with this link:
If you need to reschedule or cancel please give our host adequate time, so we can use slot for other guests.

Who is Bear Grips?

Bear Grips designs & manufactures unique, patent-pending, fitness accessories.
Located in Boston, MA – Bear Grips has a wide range of products such as workout grips, wrist wraps, knee sleeves & more.
Bear Grips is a staple in gyms, CrossFit boxes, studios, and users range from athletes, celebrities and everyday users.
Bear Grips has sold over 50,000 happy customers, and educates their audience with product demonstrations daily hosted at Gyms & CrossFits throughout the country, social media, videos and through their Podcast.
Their products are sold through retailers, ecommerce websites, and their own store
@ BearGrips.com