II-Band Wrist Wraps

44 reviews

II-Band Wrist Wraps

44 reviews
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product Description

Colors: Black and Neon Green Stripes, Black and Pink Stripes

Size: 12”, 18”, 24”

Sold: in pairs, two wrist wraps per package

• Bear Grips Wrist Wraps give you the wrist support it needs when performing lifts with wrist movement such as overhead lifts, Olympics lifts, and traditional lifts.

• keep your wrist your tight and secure and prevent injuries by keeping your wrist and hands in perfect form through your lifts. Can be used as a wrist brace, and wrist support weightlifting.

• Perfect wrist wraps for Bodybuilding, Weight lifting, Crossfit, Powerlifting, Cross Training, Gym, workout, WODs and More.

• Bear Grips wrist straps serve multipurpose, as; weight lifting wrist wraps, Crossfit wrist wraps, Powerlifting wrist wraps, weightlifting straps, for gymnastics.

Once you try it, you will never work without it!