2 Hole Gymnastic Hand Grips
2 Hole Gymnastic Hand Grips2 Hole Gymnastic Hand Grips2 Hole Gymnastic Hand Grips2 Hole Gymnastic Hand Grips


2 Hole Gymnastic Hand Grips
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🔰 PROTECTION:  Made with ultra thin suede leather, and built in neoprene wrist wrap support. Bear Grips Crossfit Gymnastics Grips keep your hands and wrist protected.

😱 HATE TEARING: Nothing worse than tearing blisters or calluses. Give your hands the protection they need with Bear Grips

😀 NO BREAK IN PERIOD: Pre-broken in and ready to use, just add chalk for enhanced traction

🤐 MY WRISTS! We built in a super soft wrist support to these grips to keep your wrist protected!

😥 CAN'T FEEL THE BAR? grips & gloves are too thick. Bear Grips 2-hole gymnastics are 60% thinner giving you a natural feel of the bar.

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Keep you hands protected from rips and tears during WODs with our 2 Hole Gymnastic Hand Grips. Perfect for Kipping Pull-Ups, Toes to bar, Olympic Rings, and much more!

  • Made of genuine suede leather 
  • Added neoprene wrist support 
  • Secure velcro closure
  • No irritating buckle on the strap 
  • Thin enough to feel the bar, thick enough to protect your hands from tearing



Bear Grips is revolutionizing Hand Grips with our new, patent pending 2 Hole Gymnastic Hand Grips. 

We pooled over 500 crossfitters and have used over 30 tester boxes to see what they are looking for in hand grips. They all said the same thing: 

1) They want to be able to “feel” the bar with their grips on: Other companies use thick material like cowhide leather, not only is it thick, it feels like the grip is rough which is actually the exact opposite of what you should want during WODs. Bear Grips uses suede leather which is thin enough to “feel” the bar, yet thick enough to protect your hands from rips and tears. 

2) Prevent blisters and calluses: Our grips protect your hands from blisters and calluses because of the suede leather and custom sizing. You want some excess material on your grips so it creates a hinge like fold at the top to help you with hand rotation. Too much excess material is also the reason why you get blisters and calluses because of the material rubbing on your palms and pinching your skin. Using our size chart will let you know the correct size to order. 

3) They don’t want to tear their hands, or have their grips tear on them! It’s all fun and games til your hands tear open during a workout. Just when you think it won’t happen to you, it does, and it sucks! Grips right now are either too thick that you can’t feel the bar, or too thin that they either rip while wearing them. Bear Grips 2 Hole Hand Grips are like the Goldielocks of grips, they are just riggggght! 

4) Have the right amount of grip for compound movements like Olympic lifts, pull ups , toes to bar and bar work: Most Grips or gloves on the market are actually too “grippy”. During WODs or Olympic lifting, you are doing compound movements, which means you actually want some slide to your grips. The suede leather is so smooth it allows the movement needed on the bar. The best part is, you can control the amount of grip just by adding chalk!

5) Get rid of the annoying buckle that digs into your wrist which other companies typically use. We removed the annoying buckle and replaced it with a secure velcro closure for a more comfortable fit. We also decided that if you're going to secure the grip via a wrist strap they should also be able to protect your wrist. We added premium neoprene wrist band to protect your wrists during overhead movements. No need to worry about handcuff marks that other grips wrist straps leave. 

If Bear Grips 2 Hole Grips aren’t the best grips you ever wore for CrossFit training, you can send them back at any time. That’s how much we believe in our Patent Pending Grips. We promise once you them you will never workout without them!

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