3mm Compression Knee Sleeves

3mm Compression Knee Sleeves

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Got these for my wife. She loves them. ...

Got these for my wife. She loves them. Her only complaint is that she wishes they came in red for size small: "Girls don't just want to wear pink!"


I am using the knee sleeves form a long time now and from experience, I can tell that these sleeves are the best, unlike other companies in the market that uses, a stitch down design or some designer stitches in front. It has a quad stitch which protects the knee through squatting movement.

Great for cardio

These knee sleeves works perfectly when you are doing the cardio, the design holds the knee perfectly absorbs most of the shock, before it reaches the knee.

It comes in pink

There are not many knee sleeves that come in color pink, but luckily these are! Now I can wear my favorite color in the gym too.


Great! It is a fine product me and my husband totally love it

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Knee Sleeves

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Bear Grips 3mm Compression Knee Sleeves feature a minimalistic, contouring design made of lightweight, breathable material. These knee sleeves offer the support and flexibility perfect for walking, running, weightlifting, CrossFit, and much more.
Sold as a single sleeve or in pairs with Black/Red or Black/Pink color options. 



    Yes, these are perfect for all cardio type workouts

  • Can I wear these during plyometrics (insanity, p90X workouts)

    Yes, These are great for high intensity workout, and they won't fall off your knee!

  • I have Knee Pain when outside the gym, can I wear these?

      We always recommend to consult with your doctor for pain and injuries, but Yes you can wear outside the gym for all day relief!

  • Should I wear these under my pants or over my pants?

    These are thin enough to be worn under your pants, but if you prefer them over your pants you could also do so. The minimalistic design is meant to give you the option, where most companies have bulky knee sleeves that usually are awkward and bulky. These blend in seamlessly.

  • What is compression?

    Compression in itself will increase blood flow, keep ligaments and tendons warm and lubricated reduce any swelling and aid in faster recovery of muscles through lifts & workouts. Bear Grips offers vary degrees of compression, their minimalistic is the mildest, then 5mm , then 7mm is their extra strength version.

  • Washing Instructions?

    For Best Results, turn inside out, and hand wash in cold water, hand soap or laundry detergent is fine, and air dry. Could be used in washing machine in cold water but not preferred, but best to be air dried.