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Bear Grips 5mm Knee Compression Sleeves are made of high-quality neoprene material featuring quad stitch technology that contours to the knee anatomy. 5mm knee sleeves are ideal for squatting movements, leg press, snatch, lunges and all-day comfort for relief against injuries, tweaks, and tears. 


  • Are your 5MM knee sleeves unisex or are their specific knee sleeves for both genders?

    The 5mm Bear Grips Knee Sleeves, are for both genders, they come in various sizes ranging from XS,S,M,L,XLUse the sizing chart to find the correct size for you, or contact us and we will fit you for the perfect fit!Please let us know if you additional questions.

Why Wear Bear Grips 5mm Knee Sleeves

Looking for the best knee compression sleeve? Bear Grips 5mm Knee Sleeves are the best place to start! Bear Grips 5mm Knee sleeves are perfect for Squatting movements such as back squats, front squats, leg press, cleans, snatch, lunges, anything where you are bending down to parallel or below parallel. They are also ideals for other sports, outside gym use, or all day comfort for relief against injuries, tweak, tears, arthritis and more.

Bear Grips offer multiple style and various types of compression knee sleeves. The 5mm Bear Grips knee compression sleeve is the perfect balance of support and compression. An ideal starter knee sleeve if you have never worn sleeves before, or can be used for everyday use. Bear Grips uses high quality, light weight neoprene to construct their knee sleeves. They are then carefully cut and stitched in a contouring shape, to hug your knees to really get the support you need around ligaments; like ACL, MCL, LCL, PCL , tendons, and muscles. They also reinforce you lateral and medial parts of your knees by adding a quad stitch down both sides to limit side to side movements when squatting down.

Your Knee naturally lack blood flow, so a little tweak or tear to ligaments and tendons can lead to such a long road to recovery. It’s imperative to have protective sleeves on any leg training day. Bear Grips 5mm Knee sleeves keep all you knee attachments warm and lubricated. Bear Grips 5mm Knee sleeves also help muscle recovery, the 5mm of compression aids in muscle recovery to help get you breaking PRs and performing at your highest level!

It just takes one workout to feel the difference, we promise, one you try it, you will never workout without it!