Bear Grips Workout Claw Grips

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Bear Grips


  • Are there sizes?

    No Bear Grips Claw come in one size, With finger loops that mold to you hand for a perfect fit! As you wear them you will see the loops take shape to create the perfect fit every time you where them.

  • Is there a glove or wrist wrap to this?

    No. These are grips, which are meant to cover just the part of your hand that you use to grip something. Gloves then to just be cloth that covers your hands making them hot and sweaty, with Bear Grips, you can have your hands breathe and not get sweaty. This particular grip does not have a wrist wrap to it, but you can check out Bear Grips Cross Fitness Grips for grips with wrist support.

  • Can you wear these for CrossFit?

    Although they can be used for some of the stricter lifts, we recommend these grips be used for traditional gym goers, for crossfit grips we have special grips made just for those exercises and movements. The Bear Grips Claw, does exactly what It says, it provides a lot of grip! Usually in crossfit you are Olympic lifting which has multiple movements in each lift, in traditional lifts these are more stable and you want as much grip as possible to let the resistance target the muscles.

  • Are these for a single or a pair?

    Bear Grips Claws are sold as a pair, you get two grips per package.