Bear Skin Gaming Gloves
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Bear Skin Gaming Gloves tactical 4 finger design will take your gaming to the next level. You will both increase your grip to keep you in control and increase your hand ventilation to prevent your hand from getting sweaty and costing you the game or a perfect headshot! Bear Skin gaming gloves allows you to immerse yourself in gameplay for hours without you even noticing you’ve got them on.

Bear Skin Gaming Gloves leaves your thumb free for precision control of your sticks, buttons or mouse. Stop wiping your sweaty hands on your shirt and missing your opportunities, stay locked in with Bear Skin Gaming Gloves.

Made with ultra soft, stretchy, breathable fabric, and a grip side laced with silicone cube design to keep you in command. Easy on and off with extended finger design

Features and Benefits

- “Tactical Touch” Design, 4 finger design with thumb free, giving your accurate precision

- Moisture wicking and breathable fabric ensure comfort while gaming for extended periods.

- Use on any gaming console and setup; xbox, playstation, pc, mobile

- Light weight, ultra soft breathable material

- Perfect for hand all sizes, choose your size ranging from small to extra large

True Tactile Touch Design Bear Skin gamer gloves feature “tactile touch” design, which maximizes the grip coverage of the controller, while leaving your thumb exposed for agility & precision movements of your sticks, buttons & mouse.
Breathable The soft stretchy fabric of Bear Skin gaming gloves is interwoven with breathable pockets to quickly wick up moisture for sweaty hands. The ventilation element promotes the free flow of air, thus cooling your hands for a comfortable gaming experience.
Multipurpose Bear Skin Gaming Gloves are also an ideal choice for a variety of games, and it can even complement a good keyboard-mouse setup. The clear touch sensations of the bare fingers give the gaming gloves a wide range of use, allowing you to use them for a variety of gaming consoles including Xbox, PS4, Mobile and PC gaming
Non-slip Grip Bear Skin has a silicone coated grip region which locks in your controller during intense gameplay, the exposed finger tip keeps you in command of your movements and on top of your game.
Bear Skin Material Bear Skin gaming gloves top side are made with ultra-soft stretch fabric for a comfortable feeling during extended gaming sessions. The grip side is laced with silicone cube design to lock in your controller or mouse grip securely in your hands without any unwanted movement.

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