Two-Hole Gymnastic Hand Grips - For CrossFit Training, WODs & More

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Two-Hole Gymnastic Grip Features:

  • Protects your hands from rips and tears
  • Perfect for Kipping Pull-Ups, Toes to bar, Olympic Rings, and more!
  • Made from suede leather
  • Secure velcro closure and no irritating buckle on the strap
  • Thin enough to feel the bar, thick enough to protect your hands

Size Chart

CrossFit Grip Size chart


  • How do I size out for grips?

    You can use sizing chart, the measure calls for, measuring the base of your ring finger to the start of your wrist. This will give you the most accurate sizing.

  • What material are these grips?

    Bear Grips uses Suede leather for their crossfit hand grips, which unlike other grips that are made of cow-hide leather. Suede leather tend to be thin enough to feel the bar but thick enough to protect your hands. Suede leather is also softer and smoother, it feels like they are “broken-in right out of the package, no boiling your grips or having to wear them for months like with cow-hide leather. Majority of all companies use cow-hide leather because it tends to be cheaper, but its cow hide leather that causes blisters and calluses, and the thick nature of cow hide leather hinders the of the bar in your hands, often times changing the way you work out. You should wants your hand grips to not even feel like they are there and aid in performance, not hinder like most others do.

  • Is there a plastic bucket on wrist?

    No the wrist wrap on these grips do not have any bucket, it is just a neoprene wrist wrap. The feedback that we get from other grips with buckles is it dig into their wrist when doing pull-ups or kipping, rings, muscle ups, so we changed the design from what other companies do, for added support and comfort.

  • Should I put chalk on these?

    Yes, we recommend chalk to give you desired traction. Most grips are too “grippy that is what causes blisters and calluses because the grips stick to the bar, the material also tends to be thick as well making the grips bunch in your hands. But with Bear Grips, we solved that by using Suede Leather. The suede leather won't bunch, and by added chalk you can control the amount of grip you want, Try a little, try a lot, to feel the difference. Pro Tip is to chalk the inside of your hand as well, to reduce sweat, which causes grips to get slippery.

  • I hate all grips for CrossFit! Will I like Bear Grips?

    I will say any grip takes a few workouts to get used too, especially if you lift bare hand or have never worn grips before, even if you have, Bear Grips is the only company that uses suede leather, Trust me we are on to something! We have had over 30 gyms and 500+ athletes test it before we put them out, and people love the way they feel, they were tested in crossfits and Olympic lifting center specifically for that use, Bear Grips have other grips for other lifts but this is especially for CrossFit hand grips. In CrossFit or Olympic lifting there are a lot of movements with the bar and in your hands so you want a grip that will allow for some movement as well, usually grips that tend to be to “grippy will not be good for these types of exercises. Also for pull-ups, toe to bar, kipping pull-ups, muscle-ups there is a lot of movement in your hands, you want something that will not only protect your hands and grip but give you some movement to do the exercise in your natural progressions. There is a 90-day money back guarantee, try them through a few workouts or 90 workouts with no question asks returns.

Why Wear Bear Grips Two-Hole Gymnastic Hand Grips - For CrossFit Training, WODs & More

Bear Grips is revolutionizing crossfit hand grips, Exclusive to Bear Grips, is their new patent pending Cross Fitness Grips also known as two hole gymnastics grips, these are like no other brand on the planet! Bear Grips uses suede leather! Which is one of most expensive and hard to find material for grips, which why there is no company in the world making them this way! All other companies use a cheaper cowhide leather.

Who knows Cross fit better than Cross fitters and Cross fit athletes themselves, we asked over 500 athletes and have used over 30 tester boxes to see what they are looking for in a cross fit grip. They all said the same thing:

1) They want to be able to “feel” the bar with their grips on
2) Prevent blisters and calluses
3) They don’t want to tear their hands, or have their grips tear on them!
4) Have grip be able to move for compound movements like Olympic lifts, or pull ups , toes to bar and bar work.
5) Get rid of the annoying bucket that digs into your wrist when you move them, like every other brand of grips.

You asked and we listened! We are changing the game with these grips and we addressed no one or two complaints about what’s out there, we were able to address every one! In Bear Grips new Cross Fitness Grips.

1) Athletes find it hard to “feel” the bar with grips because other companies use thick material like cowhide leather, not only is it thick, it feels like the grip is rough which is actually the exact opposite of what you should want in the gym. Bear Grips uses suede leather, its thin enough to “feel” the bar yet thick enough to protect your hands.

2) Bear Grips Cross Fitness Grips protects your hands against better than blisters and calluses because of both the suede leather, and because of custom sizing, we don’t use so much excess material. Now grips 101, you want some excess material on your grips so it creates a hinge like fold at the top of the grips to help you with hand rotation, but too much excess material is also the reason why you get blisters and calluses because of the material rubbing in your palms and pitching not only the grips but your skin.

3) It’s all fun and games til your hands tear open during a workout! Just when you think it won’t happen to you, it does! And it sucks! Grips right now are either too thick that you can’t feel the bar, or too thin that they either rip or you still tear while wearing them. Bear Grips Cross Fitness Grips are like the Goldie locks of grips, they are just riggggght!

4) We use “grips” for what the word implies better grip on Olympic lifts, pull ups, toes to bar and bar work in general. Most Grips, gloves, or everything that out there are actually too “grippy” in Cross Fit or Olympic lifting you are doing compound movements, you actually want some slide to your grips, We at Bear Grips make many types of grips, but this is specifically for CrossFit style workouts because the suede leather is so smooth it gives you movement with the bars, now the way you can control your movement or get your grips to not be too slippery is to add chalk! (that ah ha moment when you realize that’s what chalk is for!)

5) Bear Grips was trying to find way to reduce the digging of the buckle on wrist straps that most all crossfit grips have, and you know what we did? We Threw away the buckle all the together! What’s the point of a wrist strap, to just keep the grip on your hand, we thought that was silly, if you’re going to wear something on your wrist, it should also protect your wrists as well. So we build in a comfortable wrist support! We added a wrist band of our softest premium quality neoprene to not only protect your wrists, but to let you focus on getting your next PR! not worry about the handcuff marks other grips wrist straps leave.

If Bear Grips Cross Fitness Grips aren’t the best grips you ever wore for crossfit workout you can send them back at any time! That’s how much we believe in our Patent Pending Grips. We promise once you them you will never workout without them!