Contouring 5mm Knee Compression Sleeve for Support & Protection

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Looking for the best knee compression sleeve? Bear Grips 5mm Knee Sleeves are the best place to start!

Bear Grips 5mm Knee sleeves are perfect for Squatting movements such as back squats, front squats, leg press, cleans, snatch, lunges, anything where you are bending down to parallel or below parallel. They are also ideals for other sports, outside gym use, or all day comfort for relief against injuries, tweak, tears, arthritis and more.

Bear Grips offer multiple style and various types of compression knee sleeves. The 5mm Bear Grips knee compression sleeve is the perfect balance of support and compression. An ideal starter knee sleeve if you have never worn sleeves before, or can be used for everyday use.

Bear Grips uses high quality, light weight neoprene to construct their knee sleeves. They are then carefully cut and stitched in a contouring shape, to hug your knees to really get the support you need around ligaments; like ACL, MCL, LCL, PCL , tendons, and muscles. They also reinforce you lateral and medial parts of your knees by adding a quad stitch down both sides to limit side to side movements when squatting down.

Your Knee naturally lack blood flow, so a little tweak or tear to ligaments and tendons can lead to such a long road to recovery. It’s imperative to have protective sleeves on any leg training day. Bear Grips 5mm Knee sleeves keep all you knee attachments warm and lubricated. Bear Grips 5mm Knee sleeves also help muscle recovery, the 5mm of compression aids in muscle recovery to help get you breaking PRs and performing at your highest level!

It just takes one workout to feel the difference, we promise, one you try it, you will never workout without it!

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FAQ Knee Sleeves:

What is Compression?

Compression in itself will increase blood flow, keep ligaments and tendons warm and lubricated, reduce any swelling and aid in faster recovery of muscles through lifts & workouts. Bear Grips offers vary degrees of compression, their minimalistic is the mildest, then 5mm , then 7mm.

How is contour shaping different than other sleeves?

What is Unique about Bear Grips is the contouring shape of the sleeve. The sleeve is shaped to have the top of sleeve to be biggest to gives quads & hamstrings room for bloodflow, the calf to be shaped as the 2nd biggest, and the Knee area to be the snuggest, to give your knees a “hug.” Your Knee is much smaller than your Quads and Hamstrings, as well as your calf, most other companies design their knee sleeves as rectangles which makes all parts of the sleeves the same which ultimately puts your knees in jeopardy or injury, also leads to knee sleeve falling down!

What’s a Quad Stitch?

Bear Grips also has Quad stitching, which means two stitches all the way down each side to protect your Lateral and Medial sides of your knees which house a lot of Ligaments and tendons. When squatting you want to protect your knees from any side to side movement, you just want to be able to move up and down, Bear Grips reinforces the stability of your Knee’s and tendons like ACL, MCL, LCL, PCL, with “Quad stitching” Most other companies just do a 1 stitch down the backside, which fails to support your lateral and medial tendons and ligaments, most companies just use designer stitches that don’t even go through the knee sleeve! So your often times just wearing a giant sock with a brand name on your knee!

What separates knee sleeves of the same compression?

Quality of material, all compression just because it says 5mm or 7mm is not created the same. Most companies use cheap material from China, tend to feel thin, and doesn’t offer much support or compression. Bear Grips has superior quality that you feel “hug” your knees and give undeniable support on y our very first workout! Bear Grips challenges you to put them through 90 days of your workouts, with 100% money back guaranteed if they aren’t the best sleeves you ever used!

Do I want knee sleeves tight or loose?

This is usually preference of the u ser, and what use they are using the Knee Sleeve for. Typically Knee sleeves open up a couple millimeters over time, it molds to your legs and usage. At no point do you want it tight where it cuts off any circulation, or loose that it doesn’t stay up. Most people tend to choose a snugger size if in between two sizes.


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