5mm Padded Shin Guard Sleeves

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Bear Grips 5mm Shin Guards

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Protect your shins with our padded shin guard sleeves. Ideal for rope climbs, box jumps, deadlifts, CrossFit and much more! Features 5mm of front padding, an elastic foot harness, and a silicone band to stay in place. Our shin guards are ready to protect you from cuts and tears you endure during training. 
5mm Padded Shin Guard Sleeves for Rope Climbs, Deadlifts, Box Jumps, & Obstacle Course Races.


  • How much padding is in front of shin sleeve?

    5mm, most companies only 1mm or 3mm. If you ever rope climbed, deadlift, box jumped or bump, scrapped or hurt your shin, 5mm is exactly what you need!

  • My calf is 13.5 inches, what size would I Be? where is the right part to measure around my calf?

    You want to measure around the biggest part of your calf. According to the Bear Grips Shin Sleeve Sizing chart, you would be a medium

  • I only use one Sleeve for Rope climbs, do these come in single or in pairs?

    You can buy Bear Grips Shin Sleeves, In either a single sleeve or pair of sleeves. A pair is most common, for OCR races, deadlifts, box jumps and even rope climbs, but you have the option.

  • How do I wash these?

    You would flip inside out. It is best to hand wash with hand soap or laundry detergent then air dry. You can machine wash on a low cycle and in cold water, again best to air dry. Or can tumble dry in the dryer with no heat.

  • Are these leg specific?

    No, they are no leg specific, you can wear any sleeve on any leg.

  • Will I feel zipper if rope climbing

    You won't even know zipper is there when you workout, it will have no effect on the lift or will not cause any discomfort.

Why Wear Bear Grips 5mm Padded Shin Guard Sleeves

Bear Grips Introduces literally a shin saver, they are Bear Grips shin guard sleeve and they are the first pair of shin guard sleeves to save your shin skin!

Ideal for Rope Climbs, Box Jumps, Dead Lifts, Obstacle course races, skating, biking , running and many more. Bear Grips has build Bear Grips padded shin sleeves with 5mm of neoprene. There are not many options when it comes to shin protection for active users, and companies that exist now use cheap quality 1mm or 3mm padded, which if you have ever hurt your shin you know that is inadequate protection, Bear Grips has 5mm of Padded protection which is the most of any other sleeve.

Bear Grips has some unique designs in their patent pending shin guard sleeves, From the bottom, up. They have an elastic foot harness that fits perfectly to any foot and allows to keep shin guard sleeves in place. Next they have a side zipper which lets you easily take on and off the shin sleeves. The top of the sleeve boast a silicone band to prevent your shin sleeves from sliding down, and to keep your shin padding in place. The backside has a nice stretchy material that contours to your calf for a perfect fit.

Say good-bye to folding down your knee sleeves, wearing high socks, or wearing long pants to protect your shins. The 5mm is the most of any product in it’s class and is exclusive to Bear Grips.

Bear Grips padded shin sleeves come in either a single sleeve or pair of sleeves based on your use for them. They have a strong construction, and Bear Grips stands by their quality and craftsman ship. Check out the different colors, Bear Grips guarantees that you will fall in love after one workout, and we promise that once you try it, you will never workout without it!