Bear Grips: Sculpting Grips

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Bear Grips: Sculpting Grips

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43 reviews


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BEAR GRIPS - Workout Grips

Say good bye to average workout gloves, weight lifting gloves and see what you are missing:

1. Bear Grips workout grips prevent calluses, blisters, sweaty hands

2. Improve hygiene over gym gloves and exercise gloves. Let your hands breathe and only cover the part of your hand you use to grip

3. Minimal Coverage. Maximum Grip

FOR: Athletes, Bodybuilding, Cross Fitness, Weight lifting, Powerlifting, Gym goers

1. Improve hand and forearm strength
2. Take stress off your joints
3. Provide new stimulation to your muscles
4. Train all angles by evenly distributing weight of hand grip
5. Grip train through your whole workout
6. Develops levels of muscle and strength that cannot be duplicated with standard weightlifting gloves or lifting gloves

We Stand by our lifting grips with a 100% money back guarantee and 30 day no hassle warranty for our weight lifting grips.


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