Minimalistic Knee Sleeves

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Minimalistic Knee Sleeves

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•  Muscles of your Quadriceps, Hamstrings, and Calf tend to have most of the Blood Flow in our Legs.
•  Your Knee is made up of many Insertion Points of Ligaments, Tendons, and meniscus;   Which all have lack Blood Flow. So a tweak, tear or strain in your Knee can be a long     road to recovery. Bear Grips Minimalistic Knee Sleeves are Backed by Physical Therapist and Doctors, who agree, adding compression, increases Blood Flow to the area of your Knee which is needed to pain-free movement, protection, stability, and recovery.
• Tested by runners, walkers, athletes, gym goers, crossfitters, golfers, tennis players and everyday people who engage in activities in which alway requires knee mobility 

SIZING CHART Measure ~4"" (10cm) below Middle of Knee Cap
• Extra-Small : 12.6 - 13.4 inch (32 - 34cm)
• Small : 13.4 - 14.2 inch (34 - 36cm)
• Medium: 14.2 - 15.0 inch (36 - 38cm)
• Large: 15.0 - 15.7 inch (38 - 40cm)
• Extra-Large: 15.7 - 16.5 inch (40- 42+cm) If Between Two SIzes, For a snug fit choose the smaller size.

Washing Instructions :  Turn Inside out, Set washing Machine to Cold Water, Wash with colors. Air Dry or Tumble Dry In Dryer

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