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Bear Grips Stealth Series Wrist Wraps are available in both 2 band and Extra Strength styles. Our high-quality weightlifting wrist straps feature a durable thumb loop, secure velcro closure, and two rugged elastic bands. These wrist wraps are ideal for weight training, CrossFit training, push movements and overhead movements. For additional color options check out wrist wrap collection page


  • 2 Band - 2 elastic bands provide adequate wrist protection 
  • Extra Strength Wraps - 4 bands for 50% greater stiffness over traditional 2 band wraps
  • Lengths of 12", 18" and 24" available 
  • Premium quality materials to endure the toughest workouts

All wrist wrap are 3" in width, the difference between the sizing is the length.

12" - Wraps around your wrist once. Provides the most mobility while still offering protection. 

18" - Wraps around your wrist twice. If you lift heavier or have had a previous wrist injury these will provide more stiffness to better stabilize your wrist. 

24" - Typically used in powerlifting or for someone with weak wrist looking for the maximum support. 


New "stealth" wrist wraps

Are wraps sold as pair?Yes. Wraps are sold as a pair, you will get two single wraps in each package 

What size is available? Bear Grips Wrist wraps come in 12", 18" and 24" for some selections 

What size should I buy?Bear Grips wrist wraps all have the same width of about 2.5inches, They vary in length; 12", 18" 24" 12" will wrap around wrist about one and half times. 18" will wrap around wrist two and half times. 24" will wrap around three and half times. 12" is a great starter or standard size wrist wrap, will accommodate most fitness uses, and those looking for enhanced wrist support. 18" is most popular size to be used by those looking for more wrist support, lift heavier, have any wrist discomfort, or prior injuries 24" is used by those that are lifting heavy, those that want max length support, have any wrist discomfort, or prior injuries 

Are these Wrist wraps gender specific?No - these wraps are unisex and can be used by both males and females 

I have small wrist, will these fit?Yes- the width of the wraps are the same on all wrist wraps, they only vary in length 12",18",24" size of wrist doesn't matter, just depends how much support you would like 

Are these wraps hand specific?Technically No, But we recommend starting with wrap on back of wrist, which if you do so then it will only fit in one specific way. refer to wearing instructions to see visual on how we recommend putting on wraps. 


What are they suppose to feel like, how do I know if I have them on right? With Wrist wraps, before you add any resistance, you only should be able to bend your hand back to a 45 degree or 65 degree angle pending on the movement and your wrist mobility. If you can bend back more, re-wrap so wrist wrap is on wrist joint, or look into a longer wrap for more support. 

Do I keep wrist wraps on through my whole workout?Yes - but make sure you unwrap wrist wraps and re-wrap wrist wraps between sets so you allow your hand proper blood flow 

Will my wrist get weaker using wrist wraps?No - They are just assisting your wrist to stay in the proper angle, to maximize your performance and allow you to train and strength intended muscles instead of having unnecessary stress on wrist joints.

What size should I wear? - Refer to the Size Chart tab above

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