3 of the Best Pre-Workout Foods for Every Cross Training Athletes

It is important to have your body properly fueled by any type of exercise. This means you must ensure you eat enough calories and carbohydrates to sustain high levels of energy. A pre-workout meal should consist of the relatively moderate amount of dairy and low amount of fat. Also, a moderate amount protein, and plenty of low glycemic carbohydrates, as these will gradually release into your bloodstream and offer you lots of energy over time. I recommend the following foods for eating before your workout.

1. Bananas

Foods for Every CrossFitter

Not only is this fruit easy to take carry with you when you’re on the go, but it is also one of the best foods for sustainable energy, no matter what exercise you’ll engage in at the gym. Bananas are also full of digestible carbohydrates which gives you the immediate energy boost you need before your exercise. Potassium also maintains nerve and muscle function. For those who love exercising in the morning, bananas are one of the best foods you can eat when you wake up, especially when paired with Greek yogurt for protein. The carbohydrate and protein combination here will keep you energized from the start of your workout all the way to your office.

2. Coffee

Foods for CrossFitter

Your morning or midday cup of coffee could actually help you with your performance at the gym. Having a drink of caffeine before your workout can help you complete more reps in strength training, and you might also find your workout to be more enjoyable and fun with a little caffeine in your system. When you’re having fun during your workout, you’re more likely to push yourself further, burn more calories, increase your reps, and have a better attitude towards coming back to the gym the next day. You should, however, be careful if you’re predisposed to acid reflux because coffee can cause heartburn if you drink it too close to your workout time.

3. Eggs

Foods for CrossFitter

If your main focus is on strength training, then eggs are very crucial for your workout. Adding more protein to your meals before your workout is a good way to boost your energy and prep your muscles for recovery at the same time. You will also feel like you can sustain your strength longer during exercise, which is good for those looking to build some muscle. Striking the right balance between protein and carbohydrates is key, so try putting your egg on some toast. Also, make sure you choose whole-grain bread.

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