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Located North of Boston, In Peabody, Massachusetts; we design unique fitness accessories, for cross fitters, gym goers, & fitness enthusiasts.

Our goal is to create the world’s best workout gear; that assists in maximal muscle output, while keeping joints, ligaments, tendons in optimal angles to reduce the chance of injury and aid in muscle recovery.

Our team is made up of athletes, coaches, doctors, physical therapist, and every day people that love fitness. We design all of our gear based on the feedback of actual users, creating the product from scratch with designs that aids in peak performance and output.

We source the highest quality materials and use tester gyms and users to confirm the best types for their movements. We dissect how we can improve the function and performance of the product(s).

Most gear bought through online realtors, sporting good stores, or drug stores, aren't made for everyday use and demanding movements. Often times this gear usually hinders natural movements, instead of aiding in performance. The big issue is your usually buying poor quality material that doesn't fit, doesn't feel comfortable, or isn't able to deliver optimal performance in movements you perform. Most companies just throw a logo on products with no idea of the science behind the movements.

Unlike supplements or products that take weeks or months to see or feel a difference; the great thing about Bear Grips fitness gear is it takes only one workout to feel the difference; so put Bear Grips to the test in your next workout. We offer a no questions ask money back guarantee if you don’t absolutely love your products. We promise once you try it, you will never workout without it!