A Guide on the Benefits of Kettlebell Snatch in Cross Training Exercise

In the holy grail of full body workouts, kettlebell snatch comes as the final progression. Before you get to this CrossFit exercise, you have to ensure that your Swing is excellent and you have correctly mastered the Turkish GetUp. Many people understandably struggle to get the snatch right. This is principal because it involves getting a heavy weight over your head at a certain speed range. Timing is of the essence when doing the snatch because a misstep can see you banging your wrist and jerking your arm.

The beauty with kettlebell snatch is that it works out your entire body starting from the toe all the way to the head. It is considered a pulling movement as well. It requires a lot of energy to take the kettlebell right from the top position, absorbing all its weight and thereafter change the momentum at the bottom. Even though it doesn’t match the high pull, kettlebell snatch is a cardiovascular exercise.

CrossFit exercise

Benefits of Kettlebell Snatch

There are many benefits you are poised to enjoy in this kettlebell snatch named CrossFit exercise, but below are a few to just give you an idea of what is at stake in this task.

Fat Loss – Hundreds of muscles are engaged in just a single snatch movement. The more the muscles you summon, the more the energy expended hence the need to burn more fats and carbohydrates.

CrossFit exercise

Great Cardio –If you want to push your cardio to another level, it helps to throw the snatch into your CrossFit workout routine. It will definitely elevate your heart rate without even moving your feet. During every repetition, the snatch uses so much force and energy that your heart and lungs can’t help, but work very hard and fast.

Strength and Power Development –The snatch is unique in that it demands that your body absorbs and regenerates force at a certain speed range during every repetition. The ability to produce this force at the required speed is what is known as power. There are many things in which power can be beneficial amongst them martial arts and sports.

Connects the Body –If there is one thing this CrossFit exercise does extremely well is to connect your body right from the body all the way to the toe. In a matter of seconds, the snatch picks up the kettlebell from overhead all the way close to the floor and then back up again. The ability to connect and coordinate movement patterns starting from the head to the toe is very helpful in natural movement skills.

CrossFit exercise

Enhances Stability and Mobility –For you to snatch the kettlebell successfully, your chest must open up while your shoulders must be sufficiently supple to permit the kettlebell overhead. During the snatch, any instances of poor shoulder and thoracic mobility will be brought into the light for immediate attention. Apart from shoulder mobility, there is also need for stability so that they can support the heavy overhead load.

Muscles Worked Out

When doing the snatch in your CrossFit WOD, lots of muscles are worked very hard. Some of these include hips, quads, glutes, hamstrings, and the core. There is more muscle activation in the upper section of your body because the kettlebell must go overhead. The grip is also one area that will be worked extremely hard the moment you start practicing the snatch.

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