Achieving an Optimal Balance between Cross Training and Running

Runners fall into two broad categories: those who run for fun without any tangible end goal and those who run as part of crosstraining. The style of running for the latter is varied and brings in different speed levels.

CrossFit and Running

The benefits of CrossFit are many, and for every CrossFitter, they form part of the objective. However, there are times when you enjoy CrossFit training more than running. This frequently happens now than ever before. CrossFitters are happy and energized working together with friends in the box as they pull themselves up on ropes.

For you to benefit optimally, you need to balance your running and CrossFit in a way that satisfies your body and your soul.

Benefits of CrossFit to Runners

It is possible for you to transit from a distance runner to a CrossFit champion. CrossFit gives you a unique way to enhance your endurance training by helping you build strength, speed, and flexibility. The desire to seek new challenges, get better every day, and become part of a team is something that running can’t offer you, but CrossFit does.

Unlike running, CrossFit doesn’t focus on the time you spend doing a workout, but rather on the effectiveness of the exercise. In just 20 minutes, you can effectively work out your body and push yourself out of your comfort zone through CrossFit training.

With CrossFit, you can complement your running performance.

• It improves your basic movement patterns
• It enhances your mental toughness
• It helps you learn how to run on tired legs
• It helps you develop a better running form and posture through well-rounded strength
• The workouts can easily fit in even when you are having a busy day
• You can build endurance through high-intensity movements

Crossfit and running

Why Balancing is a Challenge

While the benefits of integrating CrossFit and running are desirable to any athlete, combining the two disciplines and balancing them out can be a challenge. The following are some of the reasons why balancing can be problematic.

CrossFit usually works with WODs. The danger is that you could be having a track workout the following day and on the previous day the workout of the day dictates that you have major leg movements.

Powerlifting focuses on large and powerful muscles. This is not a bad thing, but when it comes to running, you also need to develop your tendons and smaller stabilizing muscles.
Marathon training is undeniably exhausting, and when you add CrossFit to the mix which is essentially another sport, it can lead to injury and overtraining.

How to Balance

CrossFit and Running

Different people have different approaches on how to balance out CrossFit and training. There is no one size fits all. You can try out the following approaches:

• 2 days a week – This involves doing CrossFit and hard running workouts 2 times a week. This allows you complete rest or easy miles on the following day.
• Get choosy –Be decisive about your priorities and choose the workouts that benefit you the most.

If you feel strong enough, you can do it the traditional CrossFit endurance style where you go for 5 days a week. This is specifically useful for marathoners.

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