Are You a Morning Cross Training Athletes? Here is Nutrition Advice for Perfect Cross Training Routine!

Getting out of bed and hitting the Cross Training Athletes gym at 6.00 a.m., needs a good level of dedication. The achievement you get from working out early enough before others wake up is awesome. The only problem most athletes face while exercising at this time is the nutrition part of it.

As we all know, exercising without considering that proper dietary intake in Cross Training Athletes  Routine gives you sub-optimal results.

CrossFit Routine

In light of this, below is a breakdown of the three important nutritional phases and the accompanying recommended dietary intake.

The Pre-Workout Phase

If your training starts at 6 or 7 a.m., waking up 2 hours earlier to prepare your breakfast meal is a great idea. The type of meal should be quick to prepare and relatively easy to digest. Most people prefer shake or a liquid meal. It is because they give you a lot of nutrients and they do not have huge prep time. A coffee protein shake can suffice for your pre-workout.

The night before your early morning session, you can have a large carbohydrate meal to stock up your muscle glycogen level to blast through your workout.

Intra-Workout Phase

If you find eating pre-workout unsuitable for you, then you may decide to capitalize on intra-workout nutrition in your Cross Training Athletes Routine to boost your performance and recovery.

Your liver and muscle glycogen stores get depleted overnight, and any attempt to work out in a fasted state may prompt your body to break down your muscle tissue for energy. Whatever you are aiming at regarding your goals, this will certainly let you down.

CrossFit Routine

Consuming amino acids at the beginning or in the course of your Cross Training Athletesworkout can help in preserving your muscle and at the same time boost your recovery. Do not overlook hydration because even 2% of hydration can weaken your performance.

Take a glass of water when you wake up and then at different intervals in your workout keep on sipping water. If you realize that you are sweating a lot, it will not harm to pop in an electrolyte tablet.

Post-Workout Phase

For any morning Cross Training Athletes, the post-workout phase is very crucial. At this time, your body craves to be replenished because you have just nailed a workout and your body didn’t have as much food.

The post-workout rule of thumb is to get at the least 0.6 grams of protein per kilogram of bodyweight into your post-workout shake or meal. This means athletes who are 75 kilograms should aim at taking 45 grams of protein.

CrossFit Routine

There are certain factors such as your goals, the intensity of your session, and what you do with the rest of your day that determines your proper nutrition mix. For lower intensity or volume, go for lower carbohydrates while for higher intensity or volume, go for higher carbohydrates.

Lower carbohydrates include foods such as salmon and avocado, omelet, Greek yogurt, berries, and nut butter. Higher carbohydrates include granola, overnight protein oats, banana smoothie, and eggs on sourdough bread.

The bottom line is that you need to focus on a Cross Training Athletes routine that works for you and gives you maximum energy levels.

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