Best Cross Training WODS To Do At Home

As much as CrossFit prescribes specific exercise moves, it gives you the flexibility to structure your own workout plan. Lots of CrossFit enthusiasts enjoy doing simple workouts on rowing machines blended with a longer stretch of lifts, rows, presses, and jumping rope. The secret to properly performing these workouts lies in accessing the right equipment.

WODs are difficult workouts, and in the event, you can’t get them right the first time, don’t feel down. You can always scale down especially for beginners. Get your mind ready to have your endurance and stamina challenged hard.



This is a simple, but one of the best CrossFit WODs. Because of its simple structure, it happens to be one of the most beloved WODs. It incorporates bodyweight exercises along with cardio. If you are an athlete looking for a fairly comprehensive workout that lasts an hour or less, then Murph is bound to be a darling to you.

You begin with a one-mile run and after that hop over to pull up bar for 100 pull-ups. Next are 200 push-ups, 300 squats, and lastly, you finish off by doing another mile. The advantage with Murph is that it can be done anywhere even in a running track or open field.


This workout comprises 3 rounds of exercises and is an excellent way to help you measure your progress. This WOD aims at perfecting your skills in a handful of areas. As you do the Helen WOD, ensure you time yourself because the goal here is to beat your record.


To perform Helen WOD, you should begin with 400-meter sprint and then 21 kettlebell swings loaded with 24-kilogram weights. To finish, jump onto a pull-up bar and do 12 pull-ups. Run through this three times consecutively without stopping.


Kelly incorporates challenging moves along with tiring cardio. Experience has it that only the toughest manage to get through a full cycle of this WOD. It is somewhat demanding, and for beginners, the advice is to scale especially for the first attempt.

It takes 5 rounds to complete Kelly WOD. It begins with the 400-meter run then 30 plyometric box jumps and after that 30 wall ball hits done with a 20-pound size medicine ball. If you can’t complete in the first round, don’t be discouraged because even Kelly Moore herself didn’t manage it in the first round.


It is also known as the three bars of death. This is because of the intensity of the training. For beginners, they can scale and max at 5 reps however the goal is 10 reps as you try to outdo your best time.

This WOD involves doing deadlifts which are 1.5 times your bodyweight, then bench presses sized to your bodyweight, and lastly cleans 75% your bodyweight. The structure of the reps is 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1. What this means is you will first do 10 lifts after which you do 10 presses and finish with 10 cleans before moving to the round of 9 each then 8 until you come down to 1 each.

In doing these CrossFit workouts, it is important you record your time to see and even celebrate your achievements in every round.

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