Building a Cross Training Gym at Home

Have you been doing CrossFit for a while or you want to start CrossFit training, and you are thinking of building yourself a home gym? Well, by all means taking your CrossFit experience to the next level by having your box right in your house is commendable. The only other factors you should consider apart from the space are the equipment and the cost.

CrossFit gym

However, there is a caveat to building a home gym especially if you are a person who loves the community and the motivation that comes with group training. If you are a family person, it is important to involve the other members of your household as well because having a gym in your home affects them in a way.

On the days when you are not scheduled to hit your regular CrossFit gym, you can utilize your home gym to work out a bit. The most important aspect is that you should ensure you use the gym and the equipment you bought.It doesn’t pay to go through the trouble and cost and then not use the gym.

The Essential Items of a Home Gym

If you are truly motivated and want to build the gym, then consider the equipment needed and the space in which to put up your gym. In terms of cost, data has it that you need approximately $4,000 to furnish your CrossFit gym completely. That said, about 80% of the workouts can be successfully completed by spending just $1,500. Most of your money will go to CrossFit staples such as weights and a bar.

Surprisingly, the costliest items are used less frequently, and the less expensive items such as medicine balls and rings are the ones that are used every now and then. You will need a jump rope although it is not used as frequently. It costs about $13. Below is an analysis highlighting the frequency of use for the various pieces of CrossFit gym equipment.

  • A weighted vest, bench, and 15-foot rope are used in less than 1% of the exercises.
  • Dumbbells, kettlebells, GHD, concept2, 24-inch plyo box, medicine ball, jump rope, and ab mat are used in less than 5% of the e, medicine ball, jump rope, and ab mat are used in less than 5% of the excises.
  • Only pull-up bars, squat stands, and bar weights are used frequently.

Your approach when buying equipment for your gym should be less is more. You don’t need all the equipment for a classic high-end gym. The important things you need are:

CrossFit gym

  • The space for the gym
  • A pull-up bar
  • A sandbag
  • Barbell and bumpers for strength building
  • Rubber flooring and a rack

Even without a treadmill, a bench, plyo boxes, medicine balls, and a platform, you can still have a fully functioning CrossFit box. Music has been said to promote a good environment for you to exercise in. therefore, don’t forget your stereo system or iPod.

What It Will Cost

Considering the two ends of the spectrum, you can have a gym costing as much as $1,500 and as low as $150. Be practical and only go for the necessary and affordable equipment to start with. You can even improvise some of the equipment for CrossFit home workouts at no monetary cost.

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