Burpee Workouts That Can Amazingly Supercharge your Cross Training Workouts

Every CrossFit athlete has their favorite workout and their least favorite as well. However, in certain circumstances, you may end up feeling average after your CrossFit gym session. Burpees are admittedly some of the most grueling CrossFit exercises. That notwithstanding, they carry tons of benefits such as strength building, cardiovascular fitness enhancement, and balance improvement. Also, burpees target almost every part of the body giving you an all-around workout.

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While it is clear burpees are beneficial, unless you integrate them into your workout routine, they will be of no use. The beauty of having a structured workout is the predictability that comes with it hence no room for guesswork. Because of the difficulty and challenge that comes with burpees, some athletes feel like giving up midway. By structuring out your routine, chances of backing off even when your body can’t take it anymore are greatly reduced. This ensures you score high in your metabolism benefits.

The following burpee CrossFit workouts will certainly ramp up your metabolism and enhance fat-burning. The beauty is that the routines are designed to accommodate time constraints, finesses and equipment access for every athlete.

The New Dad Workout

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If your time is so constrained that you cannot get to the gym, this burpee workout is for you. It takes about minutes to complete this workout and throughout this time, all you do are burpees. This makes it relatively simple. Depending on your fitness level, try and perform this workout in repetitions every minute instead of performing the entire exercise nonstop for the scheduled time. Ensure you rest for the remaining time before the start of the next minute.

The most important aspect of this workout is the form, and at times you may be forced to start from the basic level to cultivate a perfect performance. Remember, it is much more beneficial to do six burpees perfectly than to fumble around with 12 burpees.

The 100 Burpees Exercise Challenge

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This workout lasts for 15 minutes just the new dad workout, but it incorporates some variations as a way of breaking the monotony some athletes feel comes with doing the same things repeatedly for a quarter an hour. As the title puts it, you will do a total of 10 burpees in this type of CrossFit workouts. However, every ten reps, you will rest for about 25 seconds then switch to another variation. It is recommended that you limit high-intensity interval training to about 4 times per week so that you can have adequate rest. This is key to injury prevention.

The Burpee Blast

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This is for the CrossFit athletes whose fitness levels are way up and simply want to boost their intensity. The burpee blast is rather simple CrossFit workouts to do. You begin with your normal burpee and then at the end, finish up with a push-up after you spring back to the plank position. Try moving as fast as you can without compromising on the form.

The Bedroom Bodyweight Workout

The bedroom bodyweight CrossFit exercise is a nine-move circuit comprising 3 circuits each having three exercises. Before you go to the next move, you should complete the prescribed number of reps. After the 3 circuit moves, you will have 30 seconds of rest and then repeat the entire process two more times.

As pointed out, you don’t need gym equipment for this meaning you can do your burpees anywhere anytime.

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