Cross Training Apps to Help You Track Your Workout Of The Day

These days, you can hardly interact with something before coming across an App that can exactly do the same. CrossFit training has also not been left behind in this, and there are lots of Apps available to help you track your performance. The good thing is, some of them are totally free of charge while others come at a minimal cost compared to the benefits you will derive from them. Some of the common box Apps include:

workout of the day

Beyond the Whiteboard

This App was developed and launched in 2008 and basically helps you to log, plan, as well as analyze your workouts. It enables you to create your own workouts and also post your results. If you have ever wanted to track your body fat and meals or see how well you are performing relative to other CrossFitters, you can do all that through this App. No doubt, it will help you in your workout of the day.

What is even more important, Beyond the Whiteboard helps you find your rep max on lifts as well as other movements you are good at and the ones you need to work on. There is nothing public with this App because everything is totally private unless you let it out yourself. It is compatible with Android, iPhone, and the Web. It is a paid App.

CrossFit Games

workout of the day

This App allows you to view workouts, submit your scores, as well as track your rankings. The default setting is your rank first, but it allows you to share with colleagues. There are alerts you can customize to serve as reminders for you to submit your scores. Also, it can alert you when there are some live events you need to be streaming. Without resorting to any big screen, you can view live events right from here. It’s compatible with the iOS platform, and it is free of charge.It will surely help you in keeping track of workout of the day.

CrossFit WOD Log

CrossFit WOD Log was designed by Vandersoft and features some capabilities including tracking your daily WODs, subscribing to your favorite boxes through an RSS feed which also allows you to create or import your daily workout of the day.

Through this App, you can view your weight percentage charts and calculate your athletic skill level. If you track your workout of the day, which you should, the CrossFit WOD Log has a functionality to let you enter results and notes. The only let down identified so far is that the App allows you to track only one PR per movement. It is available on the Android platform.


This is a paid App which works with both Android and iOS. With it, you can track your movement and workout records so that you can utilize proper weights. It’s also possible to follow the WOD feed from your box as well as graph your saved WODs. myWOD lets you search, view, and sort your WODs on a calendar.


workout of the day

This CrossFit exercise App has lots of functionalities according to GabilamArg, the developer of WODBook. Right from the App, you can see your box activity, share and compare your results with the other members of the box. Just like the others, you can also get WOD feeds directly from your box as well as any other box working with WODBook.

Other Apps which are equally valuable include WODster and Wodzilla. It is important to note that apart from CrossFit Games App, all the rest are third party Apps and have no affiliation with CrossFit.

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