Cross Training Back Workouts You Must Try

If you are a lifter, one of the treasures you must cultivate and strongly safeguard is a strong back. This doesn’t mean that other athletes and individuals do not need back strength, if anything, all of us benefit in one way or another from such strength. With a strong back, you can live a healthier life and in the course of your training, you will experience lesser debilitating CrossFit injuries over time. In addition, a stronger back enables you to perform lots of functional movements which are important for daily living.

CrossFit workout

When done properly, CrossFit workout can strengthen the whole of your body including the back region. This is why learning proper technique is important before taking a chance on any CrossFit exercises. Below are some of top back exercises you should try out.

Back Extension

Another name for this exercise is a hip extension. Done properly, this workout can significantly improve your performance. On the contrary, if it is not done well, you risk putting yourself on the path of injuries. The main equipment used during this exercise is called a glute ham developer.

Working on this machine involves aligning your body parallel to the ground while facing downwards. Thereafter, bend your hips towards the ground until your body is aligned perpendicularly to the ground. Instead of using momentum, try to engage your glutes, spinal erectors, and hamstrings when performing this move.

Pendlay Rows

CrossFit workout

This is a variant of barbell row. The major difference between pendlay row and barbell row is that the former has the lifter returning the bar to the floor following each rep. In addition, the lifter in pendlay row maintains his torso horizontal to the floor. In order to prevent injuries, always position your lower back in a natural angle. Pendlay rows are known to enhance your lat strength thereby contributing thereby contributing to performance improvement.

Snatch Grip Deadlift

CrossFit workout

This CrossFit workout is oftentimes done on the podium. The contribution it makes to your back strength is amazing. It develops your upper back and traps as well as your glutes and hamstrings. Snatch grip deadlift is a move that helps you to build your overall strength so that your performance at conventional deadlifts is enhanced. It is advisable for you to start with lower weight because of the pressure this move has on your upper back.

The Power Clean

This is a move that not only exercises your full body, but also works your deltoids and traps. Ensure you learn the proper form and technique before increasing the weight. When performing this move, you will use your core and back to stabilize your spine and also prevent injuries. The starting point for a power clean is similar to that of a deadlift, but you should ensure the bar is closer to your shins.

Butterfly Pull-Up

CrossFit workout

This is an advanced move which targets a big muscle group located at the back known as the latissimus dorsi. Additionally, this move makes use of the core, arm, and the shoulder muscles. Some CrossFitters enjoy butterfly pull-ups because of the momentum it helps them generate in the lower body which propels them upwards.

To add to the above CrossFit workout, you can try out kettlebell swing and muscle up. To emphasize, a stronger back will improve the quality of your life and make you a better athlete.

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