Crossfit During Pregnancy


 CrossFit During Pregnancy, The Facts


Are you planning a kid and thinking about getting pregnant? Are you wondering whether you should continue or stop your CrossFit workouts while pregnancy? Yes, most of the to be mothers might be having this question in their minds.


Crossfitting is good for a pregnant woman or not is a hot topic to debate about. With the conflicting articles, lots of information available on the internet, suggestions from family and friends, it’s very easy for a woman to get lost in the vast sea of information. In this article you are going to explore the facts about thecrossfit during pregnancy.


Fact 1: Scale your workouts while pregnancy.


It’s really very essential to firstly listen to what your body says. Just pay attention to the voice of your body while pregnancy. Each day will be completely different than the previous one and you may start feeling uncomfortable with certain movements. Slow down if you are feeling awkward with any of the CrossFit moves and start having some modifications.


It’s also a fact that while pregnancy, a woman’s body releases the Relaxin hormone that causes ligaments to be a bit looser and may affect the balance adversely. Hence, it’s important to avoid box jumps and other similar moves.


Fact 2: Workouts will never harm you or your baby.


Exercise is highly important for an expectant mother and its baby. A mother and her baby actually shares everything, including hormones. And if the mother is releasing endorphins, it will benefit her baby too. Certain studies have also revealed that the mothers who exercise and workout daily while pregnancy possess larger placentas that means more oxygen exchange for her kid.


Fact 3: You do not need to monitor your heart rate while workouts.


Yes, it’s a widely prevailed myth that you will need to continuously monitor your heart rate while workout during pregnancy. It’s rather more important to listen again to what your body suggests; take breaks as needed.


During pregnancy, the blood volume of a woman raises by about 50 percent and this is the reason why a lady feels short of breath while workouts. You should also know that every minute on minute workouts are excellent for any expectant mother as it provides them built in rest.


Fact 4: You do not need to change your diet tremendously.


If you were already including adequate protein, good fats and minerals in your diet, you will probably not have to change your diet a lot. Pregnant women are generally suggested to have Paleo or Primal diet. In case you were having everything needed for your baby already in your diet, you will probably not have to make many changes. You can also consult your doctor to ensure that you are including everything your baby needs from your diet.



Fact 5: You are okay to continue withCrossFit during pregnancy.


This is the biggest question any expectant mother may have in her mind. Be assured, you can continue being a crossfitter during this phase of life too. The functional movements we do while CrossFit are very beneficial for pregnant women. However, in case you have never done CrossFit before and you are a newbie to it, go for hiring a personal trainer for your workout sessions. An experienced trainer will guide you throughout your workout and will help you and your baby stay fit.



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