Cross Training Endurance Training and its impact on your Running Form

Looking at the athletes who cross the 10000-meter mark, you will inevitably notice their determination reflected by their dead and unblinking eyes. By all means, these folks cannot be your ordinary crop of men and women. They possess a particular frame and strength of mind that can only be obtained through serious training and workouts.

CrossFit endurance

The good news is, if you train smart enough, you too can run an ultra. In his book, Power Speed Endurance, Brian MacKenzie says that running anywhere over 30 kilometers at unfriendly altitude requires a unique combination of strength and fitness. Running better is the foundation for running for longer. This is where CrossFit endurance training comes in.

What is CrossFit Endurance Training?

This type of training combines mobility and functional strength exercises with an intense interval regimen through a series of short, but intense workouts. The goal is to build strength and boost your cardiovascular capacity limits. Runners should target to increase the work they do in the gym inasmuch as they plan to extend their road time.

CrossFit endurance

CrossFit Endurance is not just all about hardcore weightlifting. It is a sport-specific plan that combines customized sport-specific training sessions and CrossFit workouts. In the running, CrossFit endurance points you to power and speed. It blows away unnecessary volumes in training and replaces them with intensity.

What CrossFit Endurance Training Means for You

As a runner, CrossFit endurance training gives you a number of benefits. Some of these benefits can be transferred to other sports if you decide to switch to another athletic career. Among the notable benefits include:

  • Sustained performance to help you run longer without losing your form.
  • Reduced risk of injury – The junk mileage is substituted for functional fitness workouts.
  • Increased speed and explosive power
  • Less damage to a range of motion and mobility – This is accomplished through the incorporation of workouts which enhance your range of motion in the muscle tissues and joints.
  • Increased HGH production – CrossFit endurance training unlocks your human growth hormone production chambers, and this counters muscle mass loss.
  • Improved coordination of both your lower and upper body muscles through compound movements in training.

For beginners in CrossFit Workouts, this may sound too good to be true. However, there is research that was done in McMaster University in 2009 which showed massive gains in skeletal muscle oxidative capacity for the participants who trained in just under three times a week for 20 to 30 minutes per session.

CrossFit endurance

Particularly for runners, CrossFit endurance helps them develop their skill of running so that they reduce the wear and tear through the development of good running mechanics. There is no endurance training that is complete with a focus on CrossFit nutrition. Learning how to feed your body helps in giving it the endurance health, peak performance, and quick recovery.

Records show that up to 79% of runners get injured once per year. There is no point in your becoming one of these statistics and that is why you need to enroll in CrossFit endurance training so that a coach can walk with you throughout this journey.


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