Cross Training Gym – How to Make the Cross Training Workout Less Intimidating

CrossFit as a sport can be somewhat intimidating and make people feel that the CrossFit box is not for everyone. The truth is, CrossFit is far more interesting than what most people think.

Apart from the competitive side of it, CrossFit can help you to build endurance, strength, and above all a community of positive people who always encourage you.

CrossFit gym

Beginners in CrossFit can have their moves modified so that they can also feel in place in the CrossFit gym. This serves as an encouragement and whether you are a beginner or an elite athlete, you can now lace up your shoes and go for workouts.

Start with the basics and gradually explore the different moves at your disposal. Below are some of the ways to modify the workouts to suit your form.

Lessen the Weights

Every CrossFit gym has a prescribed weight also known as RX. This weight is the benchmark for seasoned CrossFit athletes, but not necessarily the weight you must start lifting when you join the gym.

It is important that you modify your weight so that you can start from a comfortable point. If you are starting out in CrossFit, it may be worth completing movements without carrying on weights or working out with an unloaded barbell.

Modifying Your Range of Motion

Most of the movements in CrossFit Gym require a given level of mobility. There are movements such as snatch and overhead squats which require a great deal of shoulder mobility. In cases where your mobility doesn’t allow for proper form, it’s important you don’t do the exercise.

This may sound such a simple truth, but most athletes end up disobeying this and getting carried by the adrenaline rush as they see everyone else working out.

CrossFit gym

Taking your system beyond its range of motion can easily result in injury. You can begin learning proper movement patterns at the start of your CrossFit training programme and as your fitness level and mobility goes up, you can add weight and movements.

 In cases where you are strong enough to perform a movement, but you are limited by your mobility, you should focus on mobility movements and thereafter revisit your strength movement. Practice makes perfect and you should do so with a proper form.

Sample Modified CrossFit Exercises

If you haven’t mastered a certain move, the following modifications can help you get the most from your workout.

Ring Rows Instead of Pull-Ups

The pull-up is ranked as one of the most tasking upper body movements. For beginners, you can modify this move with a ring row to make it less challenging. You simply take away the box and let your feet touch the ground. You should do the ring rows until you have properly mastered the pull-up.

CrossFit gym

Banded Dips instead of Ring Dips

Ring dips work on your upper body, but they are extremely challenging. However, to get the hang of them, use banded dips. If you prefer greater resistance, make use of a heavier band and for less resistance, make use of a lighter band.

Other modifications include rowing muscle ups, pistol with a band, Russian kettlebell swing, overhead box squats, inverted box push-ups, and seated rope climbs.

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