Cross Training Gym - Tips on Maximizing Your Athlete Coach Experience

As you step into the CrossFit gym, one of the people you are likely to see more of is your coach. This is the professional who will take you through the basics of CrossFit including the movements, lingo, and how to use the equipment.

Unfortunately, the flow of communication between you and your coach is likely to be interrupted by class size, concurrent workouts, distractions, and time-related issues.

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This notwithstanding, you have a duty as an athlete to get the highest rate of return possible from your coaching. Below are some of the ways to ensure your athlete-coach link is always activated.

Arrive Early

Athletes who are conscious of time and particularly those who arrive between 10 and 15 minutes early at the CrossFit Gym have the advantage of checking out the WOD of the previous class by watching them finish. This will give you a glimpse of the different scaling options, goals, and targeting times for the workout. You will also give yourself adequate transition time to ramp up mentally and get to the right mindset.

Converse with Your Coach

The best time to raise any special needs or consideration with your coach is before the workout of the day. You could be having an injury or facing a unique challenge in your exercises. Before the class begins, you can have a one-on-one with your coach as you address these and many other things you may have.

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Listen Carefully When Your Coach is Talking

The discipline of listening is invaluable in CrossFit. Just like when it is cold and you huddle around the fire, listen to your coach as he gives directives on the WOD or simply going through the routines on how to attack workouts and briefing on certain performance and standard issues.Repeating stuff takes away time from you and as such, it is important to get it right the first time.

Focus on the Details of Movement Progression

The goal in CrossFit Gym is not quantity, but rather quality. Learning movements is all about discipline because when you are in a rush, you cannot quiet your mind and your concentration is not at its best. Watch the coach closely as they give cues on the movement. Focus on improving the little, but often ignored details and retain the little improvements so that over time they can accumulate.

Write Down Your Cues

If there is a verbal or tactile cue that worked out really well with you, put it down in a log. As an athlete, your way of internalizing things is different from others. For instance, you may find squatting against the wall effective in giving you a better lumbar curve. Keep this inventory of fixes.

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In addition to the above, stay behind after your day’s CrossFit programme so as to pick the brains of your coach. If there are any recommendations or fixes they made for you, allow them to go into more details as they address the why of the actionable cues you put down in a log.

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