Cross Training Gym – What to Wear for a Comfortable Workout Session

CrossFit is a mainstream sport that has attracted a huge number of people as well as big name brands whose specialty is in CrossFit gear. With this array of wears, no one would imagine that athletes would still be confused about what works and what doesn’t.

Coaches are occasionally bombarded with questions from Cross Fitters on what is the appropriate wear and where they can get it.

CrossFit gym

To shed light on this somewhat interesting beginner area, below are some pointers shared by the experts in CrossFit Gym, on what your workout gear should constitute.


Slogan tanks and box t-shirts are hugely popular. It seems everyone wants to shout out the gym they have been to while training during the holidays. These tops are mostly made of cotton which despite its lightweight and breathability, it doesn’t manage moisture as effectively.

The best top you can get is one that is moisture-wicking and one which has a stretchy racerback that will move with you through each movement you execute. Going for a close-fitting top is a good idea because it means your shirt won’t flap around or flip up during handstands and pikes.

CrossFit gym

In addition to the top, you should get a decent sports bra to enable your comfort while going through different exercises in CrossFit Gym such as box jumps, skipping, and running intervals.  When properly selected, tops can give you a confidence factor during your workouts.


As you probably know, CrossFit training is one of the hyper sweaty sessions. Depending on the weather, you may switch between shorts and crops. The reason why full-length leggings may not be appropriate for you is that they retain too much heat.

In the crop world, there are lots of amazing patterns. The guiding factor should not just be the fitness of your bottoms, but also made from a material that can comfortably take a beating. Rolling around on the box floor requires materials that can withstand the friction.


As a rule of the thumb, the footwear you choose should have a low, but hard sole. There are many brands of footwear you can sample either online or in your local sports shop. Running shoes are not the best for the CrossFit gym because when starting out, you need a solid footing. If all you have are running shoes, they may serve you in the short run, but prepare to get good shores.

CrossFit gym

Training with flatter soled shoes will give you the flexibility you need to quickly change position and direction without losing balance. If you are planning to undertake WODs that mix lifts with cardio activities, go for lifting shoes. These literally glue you to the floor and help you in withstanding heavy weights without sliding.

Remember to always carry a notebook or have an app for you so that you can note down your new PR lift, WOD time, or sprint interval time. Knowing your numbers is an important part of your progress and preparedness in CrossFit.

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