Cross Training Injuries to Watch out for When Working Out

CrossFit is becoming popular day by day, as many people join in this bandwagon. CrossFitters have achieved extraordinary results in their bid to get in shape within a short time and this explains why the popularity of the game is on the rise.

The workouts are very intense and they include core building, strength training, balancing exercises, and aerobics which can also result in CrossFit injuries.

Crossfit Injuries

The variation of exercises makes this sport exciting, yet challenging, but worth every effort. As a matter of fact, you should try not to do the same workouts more than once in a week.

With these high-intensity exercises, they can result in injuries if they are not done properly with the right technique. According to studies carried out by different organizations, the rate of injury in CrossFit is higher than with all the other types of exercises.

However, the study established that with the involvement of a CrossFit trainer, the rate of injuries significantly decreases. Some of the common injuries are:

Low Back Pain

This is one of the most common injuries among CrossFitters. This is usually as a result of an overload of the lumbar spine when doing deadlifts, overhead presses, and squats.

Crossfit Injuries

To prevent this kind of CrossFit injuries, make sure that the pelvic alignment does not stray too much from the neutral. Additionally, start gradually as you build your glute and core strength and intensify with time. This will give your body ample time to adjust accordingly.

Anterior Knee Pain

Among so many other CrossFit injuries, is this kneecap injury also referred to as patella femoral joint dysfunction that generally occurs as a result of heavy back squats and wall balls! A warning sign that you may be suffering from anterior knee pain is when you strain to sustain knee alignment in a lunge or squat.

To prevent this type of injury when exercising, ensure that you first work to strengthen your glutes. If your glutes are strong enough, they will help the pelvis stay intact enabling it to support your thighs and knees.

Anterior Shoulder Impingement

Anterior shoulder impingement also called thrower’s shoulder or swimmer’s shoulder tends to be caused by the inability to maintain the shoulder joints in their correct position.

When tendons of the rotator cuff become impinged in the process of passing through the shoulder joint, it leads to anterior shoulder impingement. This can be as a result of overuse or partial tear of the rotator cuff tendon.

Crossfit Injuries

To prevent suffering from this injury when doing CrossFit workouts, invest in pectoral stretching thoracic mobility, extension exercises, and flexibility drills. This will tone your shoulder muscles and make your body ready for exercises involving your shoulders. 

Ensure that you have a training coach as you go through the various CrossFit workouts. This will ensure you do them right using the recommended techniques.


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