Cross Training Nutrition: Nutrition Mistakes Commonly Committed by Cross Fitters

Nutrition is the cornerstone of the results that manifest in your fitness endeavor. If you get the nutrition wrong, you will experience difficulties shifting your body fat and enhancing muscle mass. It doesn’t matter if you never miss your workout of the day, the bottom line is your performance will feel stalled.

There are athletes out there who are getting amazing results from the zone, paleo, or other forms of clean eating. In the same vein, some athletes get results from measuring their macronutrient intake while there are those who don’t measure and yet get results. In light of these huge variations in nutrition plans and approaches, it is important to know what separates those that work from the rest that simply crashes and burn.

There are certain things you shouldn’t do in a training plan because they will never yield any results. The experts from CrossFit nutrition here discuss some of the top nutritional mistakes that unfortunately athletes continue committing.

CrossFit nutrition

Unclear Priorities

Take an instance where you want to improve your snatch. Most certainly, there are steps you will have to take in your training plan so as to make it happen. The approach will be different from that designed to achieve fitness in another workout. In the same way, when thinking about CrossFit nutrition, you should program it in such a way that it meets your fitness goals. If you don’t have clear priorities, it becomes very difficult to link your plan to the priorities. Decide on your priorities and ensure your diet plan works to drive you there and not act as an obstacle.

Abusing the Off Day

Rest days are very critical and should form part of every CrossFit training routine. Days off enhance your recovery and are important to keep you balanced and sane. However, the biggest problem is that some CrossFit athletes do not plan these off days in their diets. Instead, they are seen more as days in which the athletes may indulge as they rebel from their saintly kitchen behaviors. When you have this mindset, a single cheat day will turn into many cheat days and this will ruin your nutrition plan. Make your cheat day part of your plan.

CrossFit nutrition

Failure to Evaluate and Adjust

Tracking results is important in any project, training program, and just about anything that you do. Since nutrition accounts for a higher percentage of the changes you experience, it is crazy not to evaluate and reevaluate your nutrition on a regular basis. On average, people think that their diet is healthy, but in a real sense, it is not.

According to CrossFit nutrition, you can start off by tracking every food and drink that goes into your body system for at least a fortnight. This will give you an idea of the calories you are packing into your system or simply how healthy your meals are.

CrossFit nutrition

Following the Hype

Going with the flow is the most dangerous approach to training and CrossFit nutrition. Just like the fact that you cannot go high-fiving everyone during your bench press sessions simply because the other person is doing their thing, in nutrition, it works the same way. Don’t go with the hype in terms of supplements, trends, and what everyone is talking about. Have a solid plan informed by the foods that work.

In nutrition, there is no fairness and equality. Even if you eat the same way as another person, you cant expect to get the same results. Therefore, design your own plan, tweak it, and make it truly yours.

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