Cross Training Shoes -Why They are Important in Your Training

CrossFit is an intense sport targeting a breed of workout goers who want to exercise at maximum intensity and capacity for maximum results. You don’t have to be in CrossFit for long for you to accustom yourself to the level of fierceness that comes with this industry. As you put your body through extreme physical exertion and as you overcome your limiting beliefs, you will realize that there is nothing you can’t accomplish.

CrossFit shoes

One of the key ingredients to a successful workout is your sporting attire especially the CrossFit shoes. There is a temptation to just pick any shoe or take your favorite basketball or running shoe and hitting a CrossFit box. This is inappropriate, and it can undermine your performance.

Breaking Down the Essential Elements of CrossFit Shoes

From the onset, you must appreciate the various CrossFit movements that come with different rigors. Your CrossFit shoe must be able to withstand these pressures if it is to serve you well. Movements such as deadlifts, squats, box jumps, and scaling of long ropes require befitting shoes if you are to be comfortable performing them.

Compared to running shoes, CrossFit shoes are supposed to be more stable and supportive. In terms of shape and functionality, they are supposed to be broader and more protective.

CrossFit shoes

Most modern CrossFit shoes have unique and cool features such as carbon rubber that help in giving you traction and a good grip as you climb ropes. Some of them have an innovative mid-sole technology which helps to lock the foot into place so that you can be comfortable and even minimize chances of developing blisters. If you are the type of gym rat who accomplishes the difficult, hardstand push-ups, you will find greater utility in zero drag heel shoes because of the smoothness they give you next to the wall.

Telling the Difference between a CrossFit and a Typical Running Shoe

It is important to appreciate that CrossFit as a sport is an offshoot of cross training. This means the shoes used in CrossFit will have similarity to those recommended for cross training. That said, the shoes in CrossFit are specialized to accommodate the demands of workout of the day.   

CrossFit movements are quick and demanding and the lifts heavy. Therefore, the shoes you wear must provide you with a proper supportive base especially at the ankle level so as to prevent injuries. If you have minimalist running shoes, they can’t help you much in a CrossFit environment.

CrossFit shoes

Running and jogging is a relatively lengthy and continuous exercise. Therefore, running shoes do not need as much traction because you are traveling in a linear path and you must be as lightweight as possible to make your running effortless and smooth. On the other hand, CrossFit is a compilation of different movements in all directions and in some instances, serious heavy lifting. This is why the shoes recommended are heavier and supportive. 

Typical CrossFit shoes must have a nice flat sore that gives room for your foot to establish contact with the floor when performing heavy lifts and other CrossFit exercises. Now that you know the right shoes for the sport, the onus is on you to consider your budget and get the best value for money.


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