Cross Training Thruster Workout: The Benefits of Using Dumbbells

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In the world of fitness, one of the most challenging movements is lifting an object from a squat position all the way to an overhead position; the same is the CrossFit thruster workout.

CrossFit thruster workout has been around for such a long time. However, in the past few decades, its popularity has increased thanks to competitive fitness sports.

Have a look at some of the tips on how to do CrossFit thruster workouts and how you can use dumbbells along thruster workouts:

The CrossFit Thruster Workout

A thruster is a movement in which you descend to the bottom of a front squat and then accelerate upwards. Once you get to the end of your upward explosion, complete the lift with a shoulder pressing motion.

This movement is beneficial in enhancing cardiovascular endurance, fitness, and sport-specific performance. It is critical in both Olympic weightlifting and CrossFit training. Thrusters are suitable for you if you are slow out of a squat when recovering from cleans.

Using Dumbbells for Thrusters

Dumbbells can help you expand the benefits of this workout. When you perform this work out well, your neural systems and muscles will be trained adequately.

Dumbbell Thruster

However, when training with a singular piece of equipment such as a barbell, some asymmetries may go unaddressed. With dumbbells, you will benefit from optimal injury resilience, muscular movement, and coordination.

At one point or the other during your training, you may be injured. When this happens, the injury may make barbell variations unbearable to the shoulder and wrist. For this reason, dumbbells come handy; you can use them to have a wide array of wrist angle and overhead positionings. These variations will also stabilize your joints, maximize the joint capsule and enhance the movement of integrity.

Much like any new movement, a CrossFit dumbbell thruster requires the neurological system to adapt to the stability demands and new imbalances. Dumbbells will help you solidify proper technique and synchronize the body motion. Once you develop this new balance, transitioning to another fixed object or the barbell becomes less challenging in coordination and stability.

The secret lies in performing the Crossfit thruster workout in the right way to reap the maximum benefits from the movement.



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