Cross Training Training – Know the Most Common Injuries and How to Address Them.

CrossFit training has become one of the preferred disciplines for people who want to get in better shape. The range of movements incorporated in this sport is unique and you can’t find such a combination in any other strength and conditioning program.

Initially, CrossFit was the preserve of tough individuals such as police academy students, military personnel, and professional athletes. However, the tide has changed and it is now done by almost anyone who is willing from all age brackets, teens and seniors included.

CrossFit training

Just like any training, there is a possibility of being injured while working out. As an athlete, it helps to know the likely injuries and their main causes so that you can avoid them and in case you get injured, you will know how to get treated.

Lower Back Pain

This type of injury can range from a persistent irritating pain to a dull ache. It comes as a result of excessive stress on the lumbar spine. It is common for people doing squats and deadlift exercises.

In order to prevent this CrossFit injury, you have to learn how to do stretching and strengthening exercises right. In case you suffer a lower back pain injury, the recommended treatment is to first bring down the weights or to the extreme stop any type of exercise which aggravates the pain.

In this way, you give the respective injured body areas time to recover and heal. As a temporal measure, you can use kinesiology tape just to ease the pain.

Anterior Knee Pain

 Knees are susceptible to injury during CrossFit training. This is because most of the movements are initiated from or involve the knees. Most of the knee pain incidences are usually linked with overuse and training, but knee pain can also point to a joint dislocation or to some extent a developing injury.

CrossFit training

Pain which occurs on a kneecap can indicate a condition which is referred to patella femoral joint dysfunction. In simple terms, it is the result of applying excessive pressure on a joint. One of the main symptoms of this condition is having difficulties in aligning your knee when doing a squat or lunge.

To treat this injury, you can do light stretches, ice the knee, and lower physical impact. It is not advisable to apply too much pressure on your knees especially if you notice a swelling or dislocated kneecap.

Tennis Elbow

Even though its name is derived from tennis, this is a common CrossFit incident. Repetitive movements in CrossFit training can contribute to this injury. If you notice elbow pain developing, you should stop doing any activity until the pain subsides. When resuming training, you should start with a few stretches particularly targeting the extensor muscles.

Rotator Cuff Tendonitis

This is another common injury associated with CrossFit workouts. By all standards, the rotator cuff is one of most delicate joints in your body system thus susceptible to injuries. Many of the cuff injuries are associated with heavy and repetitive lifting exercises. Don’t ignore this injury.

CrossFit training

When it happens, the best approach to address it is by icing, massage, and a little bit of rest. In all the injuries discussed above, rest is very important because failure to take a break can restrict your range of motion and somehow undermine your future performance in CrossFit.

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