Reasons Why You Should Consider Doing Sprints in Cross Training Training Schedule

The power to see a race to its end comes from within. If you want to live a more excellent life, add sprints to your CrossFit training schedule to build muscle, lose fat, and improve your health. With sprinting, you can be sure that you are getting back considerably more health benefits than the effort you put in. While most people think of sprinting from the physical dimension only, it also impresses upon your psychology. Another advantage with this workout is that it takes relatively less time, but gives you lots of advantages.

CrossFit training schedule

One thing to note is that a difference exists between high-intensity training which consists of alternative busts of intense activity and intervals of rest and all-out sprinting which majorly involves moving at fast speeds for some distance. The difference is not just in the protocols, but also in the training outcomes. The following are some of the reasons why you should also consider doing sprints.

Fat Loss

According to research, adding the instances of sprint CrossFit Training Schedule in repition may condition your body to produce significant fat loss within a short time. Compared to steady state aerobic training, sprints are much more effective in cleaning up body fat. Depending on your training status, protocol, and initial body composition, sprint training can cut your body fat by anything between 10 and 20% over a 12-week duration.

CrossFit training schedule

Muscle Building and Targeting of Fast-Twitch Fibers

The power of sprint training in building muscle cannot be questioned. Also, it increases the strength and size of some of the most powerful, fast-twitch fibers. Studies reveal that sprinting enhances protein synthesis pathways by a whopping 230%. Combined with the right CrossFit nutrition and recovery, muscle building happens almost naturally.

Repeatedly, sprint training has been shown to enhance anabolic hormones which in turn improve body composition. For instance, some male wresters who engaged in short sprint training increased their testosterone levels while decreasing their cortisol levels. The balance between these two hormones leads to fat loss and muscle building.

Enhanced Work Capacity and Endurance

Compared to steady-state endurance training, sprint training has been seen to be more effective in improving endurance capacity and maximal oxygen uptake. The reason behind this is that repeated intervals done at high intensity require the body system to utilize energy more efficiently by increasing glycogen amount that can be stored in the muscles. Also, intervals in CrossFit Training Schedule, enhances the ability of the body to remove waste products during the exercise thus leading to over 50% increase in muscle buffering capacity.

CrossFit training schedule

Improved Heart Health

Based on comparison studies, that were done between endurance and interval training, it has been shown repeatedly that intervals yield better cardiovascular outcomes. For instance, a study done in 2008 showed a significant decrease in chronic inflammation which has been associated with heart function damages in people who do the sprint.

Last but not least, sprinting improves your insulin sensitivity and energy usage. Some studies have shown improved blood sugar tolerance and insulin sensitivity in athletes with alternate bursts of exercises and rest periods. This is mainly because sprints reduce chronic inflammation as the body cells must adapt to efficient production and usage of energy.

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