Cross Training Workout – Got Some Problem with Your Anterior Pelvic Tilt? Here is How to Fix It.

A number of lifters in CrossFit have heard problems with their posture. This is called anterior pelvic tilt (APT). When a person stands, and you look at the waistband, you will notice the front sitting lower than the back. This is because the pelvis is forward tilted.

When you have anterior pelvic tilt, your abs will protrude and look fatter than they are. The same applies to your glutes which cannot be stimulated during the CrossFit workout because the hip flexors are wound tight, and your lower back is locked up.

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The question is, how do you know a person has APT? The best way is to ask them to remove their shirt and take a photo of themselves from the side. Looking at the photo, you will see abs out, lower back scrunched up, and glutes way back. To correct this, you have to do some posture work.

Top Ways on How to Fix APT

As you do your CrossFit workout, there are four things you should rethink to get out of this problem and put your posture back to a more neutral position.

Pay Attention to Your Ribs

If your torso is an extension every time you breathe, you should get it out of extension. The best way around this is to always think ribs down on every movement you do.

You can start from your chair by placing one hand on the upper abdomen and then exhale with your mouth as you simultaneously crunch your abs together. You will notice an increased engagement which means there is activation of some parts of your core which have been asleep.

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Your rib position when doing a deadlift and when squatting need to factor in your APT.

Breathe Right

For any CrossFit training routine, proper breathing patterns are important. When you exhale, your ribs depress, and this creates an abdominal engagement that is important if you are battling APT.

When you are doing deadlift, the exhale will start occurring before you get to an upright position. This will set the stage so that as you finish, your ribs will be down and your glutes engaged.

Strengthen Your Abs

Bringing your ribs down and drawing your hips back to a more neutral position will add tension to your core. As you exhale through the mouth, let your focus be on exhaling over the entire duration through the eccentric. Don’t do a sharp exhale. The exercises in CrossFit workout include leg lower drill, dead bug exercise, and reverse crunch.

Fix Your Hip Thrusts

People with APT are heavily extended over the lower back. This makes the glutes not to contribute much. For this reason, driving the hips towards the ceiling may not work because this will overtask the low back.

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The recommended movement is to tilt the hips up and back. When you do this, your pelvis will be posteriorly sloping at the top, and this will keep the stress off your lower back.

Some other measures to include in your list of CrossFit workouts are those that will improve your stance and take care of your spinal movements.

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