The L-Sit Cross Training Workout for a Stronger and Shredded Body

L-Sit is a deceptively difficult CrossFit workout which you should think about adding to your staple if you want to blast your abs and triceps. When you look at a male Olympic gymnast, one of the things not hard to notice is the insane triceps and rippling abs. To any average person, this is an impressive development which can only be achieved through weightlifting. However, gymnasts know that you can achieve the same look without the need to pile up weights. By using your bodyweight as resistance, you can work out and replicate quite a number of the signature moves of gymnasts.

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L-sit is one of those moves that target your abs and triceps with precision. The benefits of this exercise go beyond the visual into giving you a solid body, chiseled abs, filled out sleeves, and impressive shoulder health. If you are into deadlifts which you must be as a CrossFit athlete, L-sits will help your performance in this CrossFit workout as well.

Doing the L-Sit

To perform this CrossFit workout, get yourself a pair of parallettes which are nothing, but a tiny version of parallel bars. If you work out in a well-equipped CrossFit gym, you may be lucky to find some in there. If for some reason you don’t find parallettes in your gym, get hold of dip bars or push-up bars and do your L-sits there. The bottom line is to get two secure and sturdy platforms measuring the same in height and which will lift your butt gradually off the ground.

Position yourself in between the parallettes and set your shoulder width apart. Using a neutral, but firm grip, slowly push your body upwards from the ground as you lock your elbows in the same style you do when you are at the top of a dip exercise.

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So when you lock your knees and tightly hold your legs together, then make sure you keep your shoulders down to form a 90-degree right angle with your torso. Allow your legs to stretch and remain parallel to the ground.

L-Sit Variations

Just like other workouts, the L-sit has lots of other intermediary variations. The following are few of the popular ones.

Tuck L-sit – Regarding positioning, the tuck L-sit resembles a chair L-sit with the only exception being that you tuck your knees close enough to your chest instead of keeping your thighs parallel to the ground. This works out the core, triceps, and your rear deltoids.

One Leg Straight L-sit – This is a cross between a regular L-sit and a tuck L-sit. One of your legs is extended straight out and the other tucked in. Ensure you alternate your legs during the training. If you can, do a bicycle variation so that your legs alternate during the entire set.

V-sit – The difference this brings to the L-sit is that your legs are raised much higher than the parallel position. It is an excellent muscle building exercise and will most definitely turn heads in the gym.

The last variation to add to your CrossFit training schedule is the L-sit on rings. However, it is recommended that you try it out after gaining proficiency with the normal L-sit exercise. What makes this L-sit variation brutally challenging is the instability of the rings.

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