Don’t have Equipment? Here are Cross Training Workouts you can do at Home.

CrossFit is an amazing program that enables athletes to achieve their goals quickly. CrossFit workouts usually entail complex movements at high intensity and you are meant to do more and more work in lesser time as you go by.

The exercises you undertake develop power, strength, and explosiveness.If you are traveling and have no access to a box or just want to work out from home, don’t worry because there are set of CrossFit workouts you can do even without equipment.

CrossFit workouts

When you are frequently doing a variety of reps at different times, your body will never get used to just one type of exercise and the gains will be enormous.

Ensure you keep a record of the time and reps every day and always strive to get better and faster. Discussed below are some great workouts you can do at the comfort of your home.

Jump Squats

These are high-intensity exercises amazing for building explosive power and enhancing the height of your vertical jump. Because of the complexity of jump squats, they should be done correctly to avoid injury as well as get the best from the workout.

First, take the appropriate stance by getting into a normal standing position with feet hip-width apart. You should then push the hips back as you drop your butt closer to the floor for a low squat.

Secondly, push your feet off the ground and explode up for the jump as high as you possibly can. You should ensure that you land back softly and correctly with knees bent. Do the reps you are comfortable with at first, but strive to increase this with time.

CrossFit workouts

Handstand Push-Up

This is also referred to as press-up, inverted push-up or vertical push-up.  It is a CrossFit exercise done when your body is in a handstand position; downward-facing. First, bend your elbows in until your head slightly above the floor. Secondly, throw your body up against the wall and support yourself using the hands.

Try to hold yourself in the inverted position for at least 15 seconds before repeating the exercise. Practice until you can hold yourself in this position for adequate time. Ensure you lower your body slowly and don’t dive because this can result to injury.

This exercise among many other CrossFit workouts helps to build your shoulders, chest, and triceps strength; condition the core and improve your balance. You require lots of balance and strength to master this move, but you will definitely reap the mentioned benefits.

Broad Jump Burpee

This is a high-intensity exercise that will help you burn loads of calories in a short time and requires no equipment. The first thing is to stand with your feet at shoulder width while the toes are pointing slightly out.

Lower your knees as you push your butt back until they are at 90 degrees. Jump explosively as you propel yourself forward as far as you can possibly can. Once you land from the jump, bend at the knees and hips leaning forward as you place your palms on the ground.

CrossFit workouts

When you attain this position, jump both your feet back at the same time for a push-up position. These are some of the amazing CrossFit workouts of the day you can engage in without requiring any equipment.


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