First Cross Training Workout – Getting the Most from It

If you have a friend doing CrossFit, chances are you have heard them mentioning terms such as WOD, PR, Angie, Fran, or Cindy. Anyone who has never stepped into a CrossFit gym or cared enough to learn the coded language of CrossFitters may be perplexed by this new vernacular. CrossFitters are easy to notice because of their body sculpture. If you are curious and would want to try out CrossFit, it is important first to know the things to put in place so that you can have the best experience in the box.

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Understanding CrossFit

Developed by Greg Glassman, the CrossFit program is aimed at improving general fitness levels. According to Glassman, fitness refers to an increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains. This simply means, as a CrossFit athlete, you can perform various activities at higher levels in both long and short durations. The workouts last about an hour and comprise lots of mobility and flexibility training.

Finding the Right Gym

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As a beginner in CrossFit, it is really important to find the right box. Remember the CrossFit organization is very strict, and anyone using the name CrossFit gym must truly be affiliated with the organization. This makes it easy for beginners because all you need to do is to visit the website to find an affiliate near you. Currently, there are over 10,000 affiliates the world over from the United States to Qatar. Since people advocate for the setting up of home gyms, CrossFit workouts can best be done in official gyms to benefit from professional training.

Check-In for a Free Workout

As a potential new member, you can easily get CrossFit boxes which offer you first free workouts. These initial sessions will give you the opportunity to meet the coach who will give you information about the gym, the program, as well as take you through the program details. Before you settle on any gym, do a quick survey by sampling a few boxes in your area by taking advantage of the free classes.

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Register for an On-Ramp Program

As a beginner, it is important for you to learn and fully understand the basic movements commonly done in CrossFit workouts. Moves such as the front squat, air squat, overhead squat, push jerk, push press, sumo deadlift, and medicine-ball clean are some of the workouts you should know. On-ramp programs consist of a series of classes which teach you some fundamental movements before you think of adding any weight or intensity.

Get the Right Gear

While it is important to always look your best, the first 30 days in the gym shouldn’t worry you about how you look. Simply, focus on getting comfortable exercise gear that gives you the freedom of movement. You can wear comfortable athletic shorts and for women, athletic leggings and a tee or tank. CrossFit Shoes are arguably the most important part of your workout outfit because they give you stability and flexibility during exercise.

On top of the above, take the initiative to learn the lingo, scale your workouts and get involved in the community. Devoting your time to doing warmups, mobility and flexibility exercises will benefit you by lessening injury cases.

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