How Much Does Cross Training Cost and is it Worth the Price?


We certainly think it's worth the price but others may believe the cost of a CrossFit membership is too high. Given the reasons behind it, you could argue they are definitely worth the cost. We’ll leave the decision to you!

“Higher” vs “lower” price gyms and the reason behind the cost of CrossFit

CrossFit can be expensive depending upon the box but typically it's worth the cost. It’s not only what the gym has in terms of equipment, but what the CrossFit community has to offer in terms of people and coaches. It’s more than just getting fit, you become part of the community!

The "High" End 

The cost will depend on the area the box is located in, the size of the gym, the number of employees, and whether they are official CrossFit affiliates or not, but I’ll explain that later.

The higher cost CrossFit memberships can be is around 150$ per month, and around 20$ per class if you are a “drop-in”, meaning that you haven’t paid the membership. If you are doing a try-out class they may charge you the same as a drop-in. If you decide to join, some gyms will subtract what you paid for the try-out or drop-in class from your overall membership.

The "Low" End

When it comes to the “low” end, it doesn’t mean the quality of the box is bad. It can be a number of factors including they may not be official CrossFit affiliates, have less staff, is in a smaller location, etc. It doesn’t mean they are low on quality or that the location will be in any way bad, it just means they may be starting out!

The less expensive CrossFit's can be is around 45$ per month, and around 10$ per class for drop-ins. Typically, they charge the same price for people just trying out the class as they charge drop-ins, but in some cases, the try-out class may be free!

Why is the cost of CrossFit so high?

CrossFit is not like a normal gym, meaning the cost doesn’t just cover the usual things. The coaches usually complete courses to earn a certificate saying they are CrossFit coaches. As an individual, they provide a personalized experience, always looking out to see if you’re performing the techniques properly and handling the proper weights for you in order to avoid injuries. The equipment is also expensive, and the place has to be big enough to give people the space to do the exercises properly without hurting someone.

However, the main reason is the fact that they are affiliates, as previously mentioned. CrossFit costs so much because they pay around 3,000$ just to be able to open and operate the gym. This gives them the advantage of hosting people when the CrossFit Open begins, for example. Their gym becomes one of the places people can go to compete in. This means they generally have coaches who have also taken the time to become certified judges for the CrossFit Open. You also join a community full of people that will support you all the way!

As you can see, CrossFit is indeed more expensive than a typical gym, but it is also worth the price. The reason for their high prices is so they can cover the fees to give you all you can need to be your better, fitter self. Try a class out and decide for yourself!


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