How To Use Wrist Wraps! 3 Tips On Wearing Wrist Wraps

Wrist wraps are perhaps one of the most significant support gears for CrossFit athletes. It keeps the wrists straight, improves the positioning of the wrist joint by preventing hyperextension, provides structural support and increases the grip strength. But using this valuable gear is not as simple as winding a wrap around the wrist. Using wrist wraps call for a bit of strategy. Here are some useful tips that will enable you to take the maximum advantage of your wrist wraps.

Wrist Wraps


1. Warm-Up Without Your Wrist Wraps

It is advisable to wear wrist wraps only during training when you are working out at or near maximum load. You don’t need to wrap your wrists to move 50% of your 1-RM press.

2. Don’t Tie Your Wrist Wraps Too Low

If the wrap sits underneath your wrist joint, you have successfully turned your wrist wrap into a bracelet that offers no support. Make sure you tie your wrap so that it covers the wrist joint enough to create support and prevent extreme wrist extension.

3. Use The Right Kind of Wrap 

There are two primary kinds of wraps on the market: cotton wraps that are thinner and more flexible (ex: Strength Wraps) and the thicker, Velcro-bound powerlifting-style wraps that provide more wrist support. If you are trying to max out a movement such as a bench press or shoulder press, I would recommend using the thicker wraps. If you are going for a max in your clean and jerk or snatch, the thinner wraps might be a better choice as they will give you a little more range of motion at the wrist. You’ll need to be able to extend your wrist to receive a clean and the wrist will be slightly extended in the finish position of both the snatch and jerk.

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