Is Cross Training Training Effective and Should you Start Doing It?


If you’ve been thinking of starting CrossFit, this question has most likely crossed your mind a few times. You’ve probably heard a lot about how difficult CrossFit is, but is the training beneficial and rewarding enough to justify the time and price required? 

Is CrossFit Training Right for Me? - The question you’ve been asking yourself

You may have already tried out a class and decided whether you liked it or not. However, due to the commitment, you want to ensure it will allow you to achieve your fitness goals.  

What is CrossFit? 

CrossFit is a high-intensity fitness program that includes multiple exercises in one workout. It includes several different exercises from weightlifting, cardio, gymnastics, calisthenics, Olympic lifting, and more. It can, however, be difficult to begin, but it can be equally as rewarding. 

What do you want to achieve? 

In order to know if CrossFit will work for you, first you have to know what it does and does not do, then, you need to know if it fits with the goals you are looking to achieve. If your aim is to be bulky, CrossFit is not the right program for you, but rather weightlifting or powerlifting. If your aim is to be flexible, perhaps gymnastics would be more fitting. However, if your aim is to lose weight, look fit, and lead a healthy lifestyle, CrossFit may be just what you are looking for! CrossFit keeps your body lean, muscular and flexible, aiming to take a little piece from each sport, or exercise, to obtain a general readiness for any exercise and situation. So, does Crossfit work for you? It truly boils down to the goals you have set.

What are the downsides?

It is often said that CrossFit can be dangerous. This is true, in the way that all sports, fitness programs and exercises are dangerous! Like in any other sport, if you do an exercise incorrectly, you may injure yourself. So, what can you do to avoid getting injured in Crossfit? Listen to your coaches, do not lift any weight that you are not ready for, especially if you have not mastered the technique first, and practice... a lot! 

You may also find CrossFit difficult, especially if you are not used to high-intensity workouts, but don’t give up! Joining the Crossfit community (meaning, making friends at your Crossfit gym, or box) is a wonderful way to keep yourself, and your new friends, motivated! They will motivate you, and you will motivate them. Especially due to the CrossFit community having a great reputation of being inclusive and supportive! 


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