Key Recommendations on Cross Training Rest Days

CrossFitters who are true to the spirit of rigorous training activity may experience a sense of boredom on rest days, and this can dampen the benefits meant for such a day. There is a feeling somewhere at the back of your head which is hard to shake off making you believe that there is something that you are missing out on by taking a rest.

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It is important to know that though stamina, strength, and speed are important in CrossFit training, rest is equally vital. You can only go for so long before your body begins to rebel in an attempt to recover. By varying the way, you rest, your body can have ample time to recuperate while at the same time keeping your mind at ease.

Dangers of Not Taking Rest Days

Unless you are cut from a different stone, your body requires a break at some point. CrossFit as a sport is structured in a way that breaks down muscle so that it can rebuild them up. However, if the rest period is not integrated, the muscle breakdown initially meant for a good cause can begin hindering development.

Strength loss, fatigue, and injury are concerns that come up when you are too active at a level that is intense and demanding. Overtraining will hinder your physical abilities and can also have a detrimental effect on the state of your mind.

If your body doesn’t operate to the expected standards, your mind begins taking a toll leading to irritation, frustration, and lack of concentration. This is why you are not doing anybody a favor by taking a day off.

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When Should Rest Days Be

A majority of CrossFit training experts are of the opinion that rest days should be planned for the 4th day. This means 3 days of workouts and 1 day off. People with little flexibility in their schedule patterning rest days this way gives them a fantastic option which ensures the body gets some relaxation.

On the other hand, if you have a tight schedule that only leaves specific days open, having 2 days rest per week is a good option. You can either set these days in advance if you love prediction and regularity. Thursdays and Sundays can be your days off. That said, it is important to listen to your body. If you are feeling run down, it may help laying low for that day waiting for your body to be up again.

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Spending Your Rest Days

There is no script cast in stone that outlines how rest days should be spent. Remember this opportunity is to help you ease your tight muscles and get the maximum possible recovery benefits. Even though you are not in the CrossFit gym, you can incorporate some light cardio, stretching, and a little bit of yoga just to spice things up.

If you love adventure, you can consider swimming, hiking, or just walking around trying to work up your heart rate.

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