Know some Best Cross Training Supplements

For you to get it right in the WOD life, you have to know the building blocks of a successful CrossFit regime. You may have heard of how exercises are important in building your physique. 

Even though the emphasis is usually placed on workouts, nutrition and especially CrossFit supplements can give you a great boost in your endeavor to excel in this sport. The question most CrossFitters ask themselves is, what supplements are the best for CrossFit?

CrossFit supplements

The truth is, answering this question may be quite tricky particularly for beginners. This is because there are lots of scientific explanations out there and sales talk on what supplements are good for you and your goals.

However, the first step that you should take as you think of supplementation is to ensure your nutrition is on point. The best source of vitamins, energy, and minerals is real food. This is why you should get comfortable with your CrossFit diet before crossing over to the world of supplements.

Once your nutrition is under control, the following CrossFit supplements can boost your performance as an athlete, help you in recovery, and play a significant role in building strength. The following are the top supplements you can integrate into your CrossFit.

Whey Protein

When you mention supplements, whey protein always features at the top of people’s minds. This is because it is a staple in most athletes’ diets. It is designed to digest relatively fast and can help in muscle recovery.

CrossFit supplements

Research shows that whey protein taken within a duration of 10 minutes of training helps in reducing stress levels. Taking 20 to 30 grams of protein can go a long way in aiding tissue repair and reducing muscle soreness following your CrossFit workout.

Omega 3 Fish Oil

This is one of the popular supplements CrossFit athletes take. Omega 3 is not a new supplement and its benefits span far and wide. For instance, Omega 3 can boost your brain health, promote exercise recovery, help in reducing inflammation, and quicken muscle protein synthesis.

Not all fish oils are the same and this is why the Omega 3 supplement you choose has undergone purification systems to get rid of toxins and heavy metals.

Vitamin D

Most of our lifestyles revolve around working indoors especially in offices. The disadvantage of this is that we get insufficient exposure to sunlight and this limits our absorption of Vitamin D. As a nutrient, Vitamin D, is one of the most effective CrossFit supplements, helps in reducing inflammation, boosting respiratory health, and improving your mood.

For you to improve your lift and WOD times, you need the benefits that come with Vitamin D. It is recommended you take Vitamin D about an hour before you go to bed at night.


This is a scientifically proven supplement that is praised for its ability to support strength, explosiveness, and power in athletes. It also contributes significantly to developing lean body mass. Although creatine is produced in the body, its levels are insufficient and hence the need for CrossFit nutrition supplementation.

CrossFit supplements

Therefore, if you are a CrossFit athlete looking for strength training, muscle building, and boosting your anaerobic power, nutrition should be the first on your checklist and once that is covered, consider the above-discussed supplements including Magnesium and Beta Alanine.


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