Must-Do Cross Training Kettlebell Workouts

If you walk into any CrossFit gym, you will see lots of Olympic barbells, medicine balls, rowing machines, pull-up bars, and differently sized kettlebells. Most workouts in the gym rely on the kettlebell, and this is why it is one of the most fundamental tools in the box. If you have a home gym but do not have access to some of the equipment modern gyms have, you can still bank on the kettlebell to do lots of workouts.

Swings Up First

CrossFit coaches emphasize that beginners in kettlebell workouts should learn the swing first. The reason behind this is that it forms the foundation to all kettlebell programs. A majority of CrossFit workouts include swings. The normal swings take the kettlebell up to the eye level and then stops. However, with CrossFit workouts, you do what is called the American swing. This involves lifting the kettlebell to an overhead position and then using your lats to stop it from slipping too far overhead.

War of WODs

Workout of the day refers to how CrossFit enthusiasts plan their training. Every time a new workout is published on CrossFit, competitors the world over aim to set their best times on the routine. Some of the workouts are so famous that they immediately turn into benchmark workouts and are included in CrossFit games. One of the popular benchmark workouts is Helen which comprises a 400-meter sprint followed by 21 swings using a kettlebell weighing 24 Kgs and after that 12 pull-ups completed in 3 reps.

There is another similar kettlebell only WOD which comprises five rounds of 4 muscle ups, eight kettlebell swings, ten kettlebell presses done with each arm and lastly 12 knees to elbows. If you are daring enough, you can go for the Zombie Complex consisting of push presses, kettlebell cleans, front squats, lateral hops, walkouts, all of which are interspersed with 200 meters sprints.

Super Substitutions

Even if a CrossFit workout demands an exercise to be performed using a barbell, you can modify it using kettlebells. The best way to do this is by substituting barbell cleans with kettlebells. You can also do this for snatches, thrusters, as well as high pulls. Beginners in CrossFit may find this an easier option because barbell Olympic lifts can be notoriously difficult to learn.

Readiness for CrossFit

In the event you assess yourself, but find it rather hard to go full throttle into a CrossFit exercise routine, learning basic moves to add to your training can benefit you immensely. Some of the moves you may want to consider include kettlebell clean and jerks, jump squats, swings with a heavy bell, and snatches. You can group your kettlebell workouts into a circuit format and then time yourself so that you can give your workout a CrossFit feel.

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