Rowing Cross Training Workout that Build Muscle and Burn Fat

Indoor rowing has grown in popularity thanks to the huge contribution CrossFit has made by integrating it into its workouts. Initially, rowing was found mostly in boutique studios, but this is quickly changing following the adoption of the same by large CrossFit gym chains that are putting up rowing machines on their premises. The beauty with rowing workouts is that they address every area of your body starting from the lungs all the way to your lower body including the back, core, and arms.

CrossFit workout

On top of this, the CrossFit workout burns fat while at the same time giving you extraordinary endurance and cardiovascular fitness. When you compare rowing exercises to other cardio sports such as cross-country skiing and swimming, you will find out that rowing builds more power and strength. A majority of boutique rowing gyms are advancing their rowing workouts to include rowing intervals together with strength training. This burns fatter and allows you to hit more muscles than just rowing. The following are some of the indoor rowing workouts to try out.

From the Ground Up Workout

In this CrossFit exercise, you take 5 minutes for warmup and after that row for 100 meters before doing ten reps of bodyweight squat. Without breaking the order, row for another 200 meters before doing another ten reps of bodyweight squat. The fifth move comprises 20 reps of alternating reverse lunge followed by the sixth move which is 10 reps of kneeling biceps curl to overhead press. This constitutes round one. This entire CrossFit workout should be at least 3 rounds with rests in between.

Pump and Row Pyramid

CrossFit workout

Again, you should start with 5 minutes of warmup and after that row for 100 meters with speed fast enough depending on your capacity. When done with the rowing, do 5 reps of bodyweight squats followed by 5 reps of push-ups before finishing round 1 with 5 reps of a feet-elevated mountain climber. After the first round, endeavor to do 4 more rounds with round 2 comprising rowing 200 meters and 10 reps of each of the above moves. Round 3 has rowing 300 meters and 15 reps of the other moves while round 4 consists of rowing 200 meters and ten reps of each move. The last round is some slowdown with rowing only 400 meters and five reps of each move. To finish it up, do a 60-second plank.

20-Minute Metabolic Burner

After the 5 minutes of warmup, row for 500 meters as fast as you can and then do 25 reps of dumbbell thruster. This will complete round 1 leaving you with other three rounds to complete. Rest whenever necessary in between the rounds and always target to complete this CrossFit workout in under 20 minutes.

CrossFit workout

Burpee Blast Challenge

This workout makes use of a rower’s monitor which keeps count of the calories. Start by rowing hard for about 2 minutes and take note of your calorie score because that is the same number you will be targeting to hit in the subsequent rows. Do ten burpees and row until you attain the same calorie score as that achieved during the 2-minute row. Then, descend to 9 burpees and row again with the same calorie goal before going to 8 burpees and move on down the ladder until you get to 1 burpee. Aim to finish this Crossfit workout within 30 minutes, but take rests in between whenever needed.

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