Surefire Ways to Boost Your Stamina and Build Endurance

Strength Training

Building leg muscles are crucial for an athlete because it enables him to propel himself further with every step he takes while training in the CrossFit gym. The added muscle also plays an invaluable role in absorbing the impact, which would otherwise stress his joints. Boosting your stamina and endurance is therefore essential, and thus, today we bring some surefire tactics that will help you increase stamina and build endurance.

Combining Cardio with Strength Training

Strength Training Workouts

By working your muscles, your heart and the entire cardiovascular system is challenged and put to the test. Instead of concentrating on cardio only workouts, consider blending them with strength training. You can have two days of combined strength and cardio instead of separate days for cardio and strength. Using bench press followed by pull-ups then running a mile at your top speed or jumping rope for a minute then squats, overhead press and sit-ups can help you in building stamina and endurance.

Reduce the Rest Duration


Instead of giving yourself 30 to 90 seconds to recover in between the sets, sacrifice this break time for the sake of building endurance. Only take a break in instances where you cannot physically continue with your workouts. Engaging in an active recovery regimen such as ten push-ups, ten pull-ups, ten sit-ups and ten squats, can help utilize your rest period while still exercising your muscles.

Do High Intensity, Fast-Paced Lifting

Weight Ligting

Lifting weights at a rapid pace will help in improving your strength as well as building your endurance. It is one of the best-known ways to ignite your metabolic activity. Engaging in endurance-only CrossFit training can potentially slow down your metabolism because it slowly eats away your muscle tissue.

Undertake Compound Exercises

Pull Ups

Compound movements which require more than one joint such as step-ups, pull-ups, push-ups, and squats are much more efficient in building your endurance as compared to isolated exercises such as leg lifts and bicep curls. These will not stimulate your muscles enough for increased stamina.

Break Out From Routine


The human body gets used to a particular workout after doing it continuously for about two weeks. In your bid to build stamina and endurance, try as much as possible to avoid routines. For instance, instead of always running, do something else. If you are a cyclist, swap it with running up the stairs. Doing this will train your muscles to move uniquely to avoid an instance of muscle overuse. It’s always good to keep your mind guessing.

Other tactics that you may adopt includes hybrid CrossFit exercises such as squats added with overhead press and explosive movements which have a high energy demand to challenge your endurance, strength, and stamina at the same time.

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