The Guide to Power Snatch Exercise & Its Benefits in Cross Training Workout

Power snatch a unique snatch variation commonly used in Olympic weightlifting to enhance the strength of barbell, pulling speed, as well as the finishing height. Coaches in the fitness industry use power snatch to improve overall snatch performance and allow lifters to compete with minimal squat mobility.

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There are lots of benefits you can reap from power snatch amongst them:

Increased Barbell Terminal Height

Since power snatch doesn’t allow the lifter to take a lower catch position, he is forced to pull the barbell much higher so as to allow proper fixation underneath to support a higher receiving height. Lifters with inadequate pulling or finishing strength can benefit immensely from power snatches.

Enhanced Force Production and Rate of Development

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Compared to the snatch, the need to accelerate maximally at both the second and third pull is much higher in the power snatch. This is because the lifter cannot squat deeply so as to receive the barbell. The increased force production, as well as the rate of acceleration of the barbell particularly at the finish of the second and third pull, will spill over to improve pulling performance and snatch abilities.

An Excellent Way to Teach Beginner Lifters the Snatch Technique

Coaches instruct beginner lifters in the snatchCrossFit workout commonly use the top-down method. When the beginners finally master the hang or block snatches, the coaches can then gradually move the lifters to the floor with power snatches. Following satisfactory progress in the power snatch, the athlete may then combine movements such as overhead squat of snatch balance in various complexes to progress into full snatch ultimately.

A Great CrossFit Workout for Lifters with Mobility Limitations

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Olympic weightlifters with mobility issues are highly encouraged to constantly address them as this is one of the ways to improve. However, the body may not always cooperate. A power snatch can be an excellent variation just in case you cannot manage to perform the snatch movement.

Lifters who have knee issues or those who cannot assume overhead squats can benefit from power snatch.

Appropriate for Technical Training of Snatch Lift on Lighter Training Days

It is not always that you will engage in intensive CrossFit training. There are those days where you just want to train light and allow for recovery. Power snatches use moderate loading, pulling height, and challenge bar speed to give you technical training of snatch lift without involving the legs so much.

Developing your ability to perform the snatch movement will help improve technical mastery as well as barbell velocities.

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There are several different means you can integrate power snatches into your CrossFit workout. You may perform full lifts for about 80% of the time, but on lighter training days, use power snatches unless you are trying to challenge pulling speed and strength where you incorporate power snatches in heavier complexes.

The needs of the athlete will determine to a greater extent how you integrate power snatches. If you are already good at power snatching, you may need to devote more time to snatching at full depth.

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