The Top 5 Must-Have Cross Training Gear

After you have made the decision to join CrossFit probably due to the benefits you have heard or seen others enjoying, the next step is to put your CrossFit gear in order. You may have to buy some because unfortunately, you can’t share with a friend because of convenience issues. There are various types of gear that you simply leave behind if you want to get the most from your WOD. The following will give you a quick run of what you need to put together.

CrossFit Shoes

This is arguably one of the most important CrossFit items. You may have a pair of running shoes with you which you may think of starting out with. The problem with this is that you may not reap the full benefits of your workouts because shoes help you maintain posture and give you a cushion underneath as well as a grip on the floor. For this reason, you need CrossFit optimal shoes. There are certain features you need to look for in these shoes and to highlight briefly; the shoes must have:

  • Minimal or if possible zero heels to toe drop
  • CrossFit-specific features such as a rubber rope guard on the side of the shoe to help in rope climbing as well as a sticky rubber sole to give you a good floor grip in the CrossFit gym.
  • Durability and comfort so that your feet will not hurt and you will get value for your money.

CrossFit gear

CrossFit Shorts

Being another important CrossFit gear, Shorts can undermine your workouts if not well chosen. Shorts should allow for a maximum range of motion so that you can comfortably move around as you quickly as you can when running, jumping, squatting, or deadlifting. Also, the short should be made from a breathable fabric. Look for wicking or self-drying fabrics. The last property of CrossFit shorts is that if possible, they be antimicrobial. This basically means it doesn’t smell funky even if you don’t wash it every day after your WOD.

Tees for CrossFitters

Generally, CrossFitters love t-shirts. You could pick your t-shirts from any of the affiliates depending on your tastes and preferences. You can go for funny CrossFit t-shirts or those that are simply plain looking.

CrossFit gear

Compression Tights

Whenever people think about CrossFit clothing, many of them zoom into the skin or compression tights. Tights are very good in helping you recover before embarking on the next workout. After an intense workout of the day, it’s normal to feel hurt. This means any advantage you can have to accelerate the recovery process is highly welcome.

Gloves for CrossFit

This is the final CrossFit gear. Some athletes are still stuck in the debate of whether or not they should use CrossFit gloves. The key role played by these gloves is the fact that they give you an excellent grip and even after an intense workout your hands won’t get ripped which means no bleeding.

CrossFit gear

There you go! Those are the top 5 CrossFit gear items that you must invest in if your CrossFit training is to go on smoothly.

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